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nuit prosperity candle

We have started to really dig deep into finding small businesses to partner with that have a similar social mission as EllieFunDay - empower women, create positive change in the world, and curate quality products. We are so proud to have crossed paths with Prosperity Candle to bring you EllieFunDay’s first candle, Nuit (night). Each one is carefully hand-poured and wrapped with extra care by women refugees resettled in the US. We received our first shipment last week and they are just beautiful! Read on and learn more about how Prosperity Candle was birthed from our interview with co-founder Ted Barber.

What inspired you to start Prosperity Candle?

We were friends and colleagues working to alleviate poverty in developing countries. Over time, we had grown frustrated by the gap between building people's capacity to escape poverty and actually doing so. That gap was an absence of economic opportunity and sustainable impact. We started getting together to share ideas and spent two years developing the model for Prosperity Candle. Along the way had some profoundly bad ideas, but we knew we wanted to approach it from the private sector to force ourselves to be 100% market-based which we believed would lead to more sustainable impact. We also wanted the opportunity to be highly scalable - easy to grow - to enable people to not just survive but truly thrive. We chose to focus on women entrepreneurs because they are often the least supported yet best investment. We made the crazy decision to launch in a war zone (Baghdad in 2009) where few others were willing or able to go, which added to the complexity. Candle-making is one of the very few handmade products that fit all of our criteria: it can start in the safety of the home and it is a consumable product used in every country of the world, with both local and global markets. Most importantly, candle-making is a highly scalable business enabling an entrepreneur to prosper with low investment in equipment. That was the initial inspiration. Subsequently, we were in Northern Rwanda working with a women's cooperative. We looked around the room at the faces of women who were eager to change their lives, who wanted to reliably put food on the table and send their children to school. It was clear to us the women needed real opportunity that could enable them to thrive. That was when we decided to launch and dedicate ourselves fully to our social enterprise - Prosperity Candle. For more info, you can read our story.

Before Prosperity Candle was born, did you have previous experience with candle making?

We had zero experience whatsoever in candle-making. When we finally hit upon candles as the solution, we ran home and ordered a cheap kit from Amazon. It arrived 4 days later and started creating our first candles in the kitchen. We really saw the potential for candle-making to help women and families lift themselves out of poverty. With more molds, one could easily scale up to produce dozens, even hundreds of candles a day.

We immediately signed up for a weekend workshop and drove to Quakertown, Pennsylvania to learn the craft, then set about creating a business-in-a-box that could be shipped anywhere in the world, complete with training manual translated into Arabic. It was a commercial grade version of that first kit we purchased online.

What is your proudest moment so far? What has been your biggest challenge?

We launched our pilot project in 2009 at a time when violence was a daily occurrence in Baghdad, with 5 Iraqi women who then trained 40 more. A year later, after enduring endless naysayers and doubters, we drove a U-Haul van to Queens, NY to receive and inspect the first candles - and the only consumer product - shipped from Iraq to the U.S. There were 4,500 pillars handmade in Baghdad kitchens, each labeled with the name of the woman candle-maker. They were beautiful. That was our proudest and most emotional moment... we kept saying aloud "from their hands to ours."

What has been your biggest challenge?

Identifying our biggest challenge is not as easy given there have been so many. Raising start-up capital was impossible as no one thought Prosperity Candle was a good idea. Selling candles handmade by Iraqi women in 2010 was a marketing conundrum given feelings about the war. Perhaps the biggest challenge, though, has been resisting pressure to water down our social impact goals that prioritize positive change over everything else. When things were tough and there were resources available if you were willing to modify your values, that is when staying true to your mission is toughest. We never gave in.

How many refugee women have you hired to date? How large is the current team?

A year after we launched Prosperity Candle, one of our most enthusiastic supporters encouraged us to find a way to have a local impact as well as an international one. At first we were skeptical since our focus was on working with women in war zones. But we explored the possibilities and learned that many of the refugees in our valley had been relocated from conflict countries through UN and federal programs. This is when we decided to open a small candle studio next to our office with the idea of developing product concepts for overseas programs. Then we received a call from eBay who wanted 350 custom candles for an event at their corporate headquarters... designed, approved, produced and shipped within a week. It wasn't something we could do overseas, so we quickly reorganized the studio for production and delivered on time. That was when we recognized that we could work with women both in and from conflict regions, offering candles and gifts handmade by women refugees recently relocated to the U.S. The team in our Massachusetts studio is usually 3-6 women at a time. To date, 17 have come to work with us, and typically it is their first employment.

Can you share the story of one of the ladies currently working at Prosperity Candle?

Like all of us, they have their most and least favorite scents.... it's always fun when an order goes up on the board. Every scent generates a range of reactions, from happy smiles to crinkled noses - fragrance is such a personal thing. But it's all with banter and laughter about who likes what and why. Sai Aye joined us in 2015 after living for 11 years in a refugee camp. She's Burmese and spent the first 10 years of her life moving from village to village to escape the Myanmar military and search for food, shelter and safety. She just gave birth a few months ago to her second daughter, Rose, and hopes someday to be able to visit her parents and siblings who are still in the refugee camp. Sai loves our holiday Blue Fir & Spice scent for reasons she can't explain. You can also read the stories of some of the other women Moo Kho, Naw, and Htoo.

What is your favorite scent?

My favorite scent changes with the seasons, and every year I think our fragrances are more complex and interesting. My current favorite is Grapefruit & White Floral, which has a gentle citrus base blended with lily, peony, geranium and rose on top of notes of amber and musk. It's somehow relaxing and invigorating at the same time. In the summer I love a fresh scent like Pacific Ocean that is like a seaside breeze, and in the fall I'm always drawn to our Chai Tea with its cinnamon and clove.



You can support this mission by purchasing our NUIT candle HERE.



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I love the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Mainly because I get to eat all things delicious and not have to worry about buying presents or rushing around. (and I can commence listening to all of my favorite Christmas songs...which you can listen here!) I get to be with the people I love with all of my favorite foods. To start off the holiday season, I really love to decorate and making a wreath has always been my favorite because before anyone enters your home they already get a sense of welcome! 

This would also be a perfect housewarming gift that is easily made in less than one hour. All of the supplies can be found at your local craft store and the greenery at a your grocery store or even ordered online. 


14" Embroidery Hoop
Floral Sheers
Wire Cutters
Twill Tape
Floral Wire


Supplies DIY 

Foliage Wreath DIY Holiday Christmas

Eucalyptus is a common filler you can find at your local grocery store or even foraged in your neighborhood. The frosted moss, pinecones and foliage I found at my local Michaels. The Silver Brunia is a little harder to find unless you find a florist that will sell it as I learned it's indigenous to New Zealand! Some alternatives would be white tallow berries. I like heading to California Flower Shippers for the most varieties. 

Before starting you'll want to trim your foliage down to about 14" to keep them manageable. You'll trim off the excess as you add them to your wreath. 

You'll start with your Eucalyptus Gunnii branches. I like to start with laying out the branches to get an idea of the balance and shape of the overall wreath. The key to this wreath is actually it's simplicity and letting the foliage stand out alone as opposed to densely packing it. I'm going with a slightly assymmetrical look where the left side will be carrying a bit more visual weight. 

DIY Elegant and Modern Holiday Christmas Wreath

 DIY Holiday wreath simple and elegant

With your wire cutter, clip off about 10" of the floral wire and wrap your Eucalyptus branches to the embroidery hoop. Allow some of the leaves to hang loose. 

Holiday Wreath DIY

Now take your seeded eucalyptus branches and use them to fill the gaps. It doesn't take much to make it work. The key to this wreath is "less is more". 


Take a couple of your pinecones to create a visual focus. I like to match a large one with a smaller one for some variations. Cut some pieces of your floral wire and wrap them to your embroidery hoop. Then choose a nice bunch of the silver brunia (or other pale colored berries) to fill in the gaps. 

Wreath DIY simple elegant

Next take your cotton twill tape and cut off enough to hang at the right height for your door and then double it. I use a simple cow-hitch knot and thread my tape through the center gap of the embroidery hoop. 

Simple DIY wreath

DIY easy simple wreath

 And there you have it! It's as simple as can be and will also dry beautifully if you'd like to have it for the entire year! I think that adding some gold leaves or sparkle will definitely give it a nice holiday feel to them! The variations are endless. I'd love to see what you guys do to yours. Tag us @elliefunday #modernwreath

For more holiday inspiration check out my Pinterest Board. I can't wait to see what everyone makes. 

Resource Guide: 

14" Embroidery Hoop : Hobby Lobby
Floral Sheers : Fiskars
Wire Cutters : Michaels
Twill Tape : Studio Carta : Angela Liguori
Floral Wire : Hobby Lobby 
Foliage : Michaels & California Flower Shippers


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beach essentials

Nothing feels better than relaxing by the beach on a beautiful summer day. Below is a curated list of nine essential (and ethically conscious!) items for the perfect day at the beach:

  1. SANDALS — Throw on these classic Caramel Crossover Slide Sandals by Sseko to protect your feet from the hot sand. They are handmade in Uganda to empower young women with jobs and education!
  2. SUNSCREEN — Ending the day with sunburned skin is never exciting. Bringing CeraVe's lightweight sunscreen to reapply every couple of hours is essential for a fun day at the beach.
  3. TOWEL — This soft Stripe Towel from Kara Weaves is necessary to lounge on during a hot summer day. Made of 100% cotton, it will dry quickly, making it perfect for playful splashes by the water!
  4. SUNGLASSES — Take care of your eyes while simultaneously looking fashionable! These gorgeous pearl clear sunglasses from TOMS will definitely make you stand out with its subtle cat-eye frames.
  5. SNACKS — Staying hydrated and satiated are important for a day out in the sun. Snacks like sliced apples are great, while a reusable water bottle from Swell will keep your liquids cold for 24 hours.
  6. BABY POWDER — Yet another unconventional use of baby powder! This organic baby powder from Honest will come in handy after a long day of rolling around in the sand — simply sprinkle some baby powder on your skin and wipe it away, leaving sand-free and baby soft skin!
  7. SUN HAT — This beautiful wide-brimmed hand-crocheted hat by Parachuti is easy to roll up and pack into your beach bag. Better yet, all of its materials are ethically sourced from Ecuador!
  8. SARONG — Our organic goddess swaddle can double up as a coverup or a sarong! Check out our past post about different ways you can wear the goddess swaddle.
  9. BEACH BAG — …and of course, you can’t forget your beach tote by Cuyana to store all of your belongings.
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Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year; with good reason of course. Whether you are shopping for your Mama, Mama-in-law, Wife, Godmother, Grandma, or a special Lady in your life, here is a gift guide I have curated in order to help ease the stress of last-minute shopping! 

1.  On-the-go


Apolis Local + Global Market Bag – This bag benefits the Bangladesh Project, and you can choose from over 200 different cities to find one that bears special significance. Tote around anything from groceries, toys, books and so forth.

Sseko Black Cross-body BagThis leather convertible crossbody bag can be worn in three ways - as a folded crossbody, full-size crossbody, and a clutch for the Mama who doesn’t have time to swap bags.


Sezane Jack SneakersThese shoes were made for chasing after the littles to running errands or hauling a cab, all in style. Crafted in Portugal, these sneakers are made of leather both in the upper and inner linings. A bit of added luxury to what may seem like an ordinary basic. They also come in camel and leopard to suit each Mama’s taste.


 2.  Gourmand


A Kitchen in France: A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse – Mimi Thorisson is a mother herself to five children of her own, and two older stepchildren. Their large Brady Bunch-esq family lives in a gorgeous old estate in the countryside of France. This cookbook is full of mouth-watering recipes, and scenic French countryside shots taken photos by her husband.


Thirstystone Marble + Wood Paddle Board – Marble and wood on a serving board, need I say more?


Try The World subscription – A cultural treat that continues to give year round. Try The World boxes allows you to try a taste of each part of the world, all the while without leaving your doorstep. Curated by celebrity chefs who work with small, family-owned companies who follow artisanal methods of production.

3.   Fashion Maven


Soko Circle Sway necklace – I love the fact that this new necklace by Soko allows you to wear it multiple ways. Soko is my go-to site for beautifully designed, high quality jewelry created by artisans in emerging economies, all while using natural and upcycled materials. BONUS: They’re currently having a Mother’s Day Promo (score!) -- Take 20% off your purchase with code: MOMSFORMOMS.


Sseko Interchangeable Ribbon Wrap Sandal -- Each sandal is handmade by women in Uganda, and allows high potential, talented young women to continue on to university. These fun sandals include interchangeable ribbons that you can tie multiple ways, or purchase in various colors from their website!

Sezane Belli Bag -- French-label Sezane makes the chicest accessories for the classic or bold fashionista without breaking the bank. This gorgeous geometric suede patchwork bag on chain also comes in all black.



 4.  Book lover

Out of Print totes + pouches – This company prints “out of print” books onto bags, totes, clothing, mugs, you name it. There is definitely something nostalgic upon seeing these prints. What’s even better is that each product sold donates a book to a community in need, through Books for Africa.

Raven + Lily Uzma Recycled Cotton Journal in Wood Grain Print -- A simple little notebook that’s small enough to tote around for random musings, epiphanies and darling sayings from the littles.


Bookworm Wall Clock – Time is never on a Mama’s side, but a fun clock may help her momentary forget about her to-do lists, and unwind to a good read. Society 6 features and supports independent artists.


5.  Gardenista

Natural Sweetgrass Hanging Basket – How cute is this hanging basket by Indego Africa? Fill it with greens or flowers (or something fake, I won’t judge) to brighten up any room or patio. Handcrafted by the women of Imirasire cooperative, your purchase funds their educational training programs.


Photo courtesy of Room for Tuesday

Fiddle-leaf plants have been all the rage lately, and the fact that they’re low maintenance and easily attainable from your local nursery is pretty awesome. If someone without a green thumb like me can keep one alive, just about anyone can.

Farmgirl Flowers – Let’s face it, how many times have you received a bouquet that was delivered in sad shape? Not to mention the tacky, generic look they all seem to display. If you’re looking for something different, Farm Girl Flowers claims to deliver affordable and locally grown flowers using minimal waste, giving you a tasteful and unique looking bouquet. Give the Mama in your life the bouquet she deserves.


6.  Creative

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunting Coloring Book – Coloring books are no longer just for kids! Art can be therapeutic, and I’m sure any Mama would be willing to have a couple hours to herself to color, de-stress and unwind. Just make sure the babysitting is included.


Online Modern Calligraphy Class – It’s the gift that keeps on giving…the art of calligraphy isn’t only for the talented. For only 15-20 minutes a day, she can learn how to write her own beautiful calligraphy from the comfort of home.


Garzapapel Handmade Drawing Paper Notebook – This luxurious 180g recycled cotton paper was designed for dry media, and handmade in Spain using old world techniques combined with ecologically friendly techniques.


Everlane Heavyweight Tee – Ah, the cliché artist or classic Parisienne striped tee. This one is made of heavyweight 2-ply cotton, making it a great staple for any Mama’s wardrobe.

I hope you found this list helpful! At the end of the day, the most important thing any Mama would love is a shared meal, phone call, a much needed nap, or heartfelt card expressing your utmost gratitude and thankfulness -- and that is truly priceless. 




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Top 10 Conscious Gifts for the Home

  1. These hand-screen printed napkins from Skinny La Minx are made in a small studio in Capetown, South Africa. $20. 
  2. Individually hand-carved and formed out of porcelain clay these Peace Bells are a beautiful collection from Mt. Washington Pottery. $110.
  3. This Big Jug (1/2 gallon to be precise) of organic maple syrup from Best Made Co. will be a hit with those holiday waffles. $72.
  4. MPowerd makes affordable clean energy lamps called Luci and through their Give Luci program you can buy a light for a Syrian Refugee in need. $19.99
  5. Bring back the old ViewMaster and add a customized reel. Truly the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. $19.95 
  6. Fair-trade Bicycle Bookends from Serrv helps bring the cyclist's-heart to the home $35.95
  7. Our Mille-Feuille Throw Blanket is the softest blanket with 3-layers of organic cotton muslin. $118.
  8. This ethical Preserve Stone-wear Pot from Tom Butcher Ceramics will outlast any other earthenware pot due to it's durability. Hand made in Scotland. $25.
  9. Made in the USA by Wrk-shp their Hanging Concrete Vessel is perfect for a favorite houseplant. $58.
  10. A single-piece of leather makes up this hand-molded CP Slipper from a family of artisans in Elche, Spain. $35.

Perfect Gift for Your Beau


    1. This made in USA, Diamond Quilted Waxed Canvas bomber jacket from Iron & Resin is sure to keep your man stylish and warm. $395.
    2. ChapterTen believes that you should be able to afford a nice watch Every month they support a different non-profit through donating a portion of their profits back. $79.
    3. Crafted in Peru using the highest social and environmental standard, these Utility Chinos from Apolis Global are made to last. $138. 
    4. The Sterling Silver Tie Clip is the perfect focal point to any man's outfit. $98. 
    5. Made by hand in the USA, this Belgian Dart Set from Best Made Co. is perfect for any man cave. $122. 
    6. These socks made in collaboration with CHUP x 3Sixteen in a Japanese factory specializing in knits with indigo-dyed yarns are perfect for keeping toes warm and toasty. $35.
    7. Designed in Detroit, the Six Pocket Card Case from Shinola is fully-lined with folded edges. $150.
    8. These super soft organic cotton boxers from PACT  are a perfect stocking stuffer for the eco-conscious man in your life. $28.99
    9. The Portage Badge is perfect for spiffing up a backpack or simple jacket. $6.
    10. Weatherized outsole and full-grain leather boots from TOMS shoes will take your man through the winter season. Each shoe purchased gives another person in need of a shoe. $119.25
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Top 10 Baby Gifts Ethically Conscious


  1. Keep your little one warm and cute with our 100% Organic Bear Pilot Cap. $24.
  2. This modern Peepers organic sweatshirt from Boys & Girls is for the little gamer in your life. $43. 
  3. Hand-made in the USA, Zuzii's fashionable oxfords donate 10% of their proceeds to baby2baby which provides low-income children ages 0-12 with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. $55.
  4. Personalize a Moon and Star ornament and 100% of the profits will benefit our non-profit, Handcrafted for Life™. $28.
  5. Hand-painted and turned in Bogota, Columbia, this fair-trade Nativity Set from Goose Grease are a perfect heirloom to teach your little one about the true meaning behind Christmas. $195.00
  6. Your dapper little dude will look be the center of attention at all of your holiday parties with this hand-made bow tie from Forage Haberdashery. $58.
  7. Bath time becomes fun with Oli & Carol's Origami boats made from 100% all natural rubber latex. $14.99
  8. This green dollhouse from Plan Toys teaches kids about sustainable living through a turbine, solar cell panel, rain barrel and other built in features. $191.28
  9. For the little chef that will whip up some breakfast for you, Odette Williams makes a full apron set with utensils in Brooklyn, NY. $51.00
  10. The stars are aligned for your little artist with these 100% recycled Crazy Crayons.

Top 10 gifts for women


      1.  MVMT watches believe that you shouldn't break the bank when buying a stylish watch. $115.
      2. A classic gold Antler Necklace will accent many outfits. Designed by a local Jackson Hole artist, Padgett Hoke. $36.
      3. Red and cables are the perfect compliment to a holiday sweater. Raven and Lily empower women in Kenya through a fair-wage. $92.
      4. Afghan refugees in Pakistan hand-embroider this ethereal maxi skirt which is a great compliment a simple tee or tank. $264.
      5. This long-lasting lipstick from MAKE delivers intense colors and donate one-third of their proceeds to their non-profit which supports women-led cooperatives. The perfect stocking stuffer!  $25.
      6. Inspired by the marble mosaics in Rajasthan, this hand block-printed scarf from Block Shop is versatile enough to go with jeans or a long dress. $120.
      7. This pair of upcycled hammered brass earrings can add some sparkle to any outfit! $52.00
      8. Hand-crafted from genuine Ethiopian leather, Sseko Designs empower artisans in Africa with a fair-wage and dignified employment. $129.
      9. The generous size of this modern leather tote lends a sense of sophistication to any outfit. $242.
      10. A gorgeous hand-hammered cuff is sure to be a staple in any lady's wardrobe. $48.
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    Davina_Jo Alaska We've invited guest blogger Davina Wong from Douceur Vivre to share her list of ethically made gifts. To give you all a little background, last year she committed to not buying ANY clothing for 1 year. Being a fashionista, this was a huge challenge, but she survived and lived to tell it on her blog. She is also momma to little "J" and you'll be seeing more of her on our blog soon! _____________________________________________________________________ The holidays can be stressful when it comes to Christmas shopping, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If the thought of stepping foot into a mall makes you cringe, there are a plethora of options online, many which happen to be reputable companies that produce products as ethically as possible. ‘Tis the giving season, so why not give a gift that also gives back? I have created a simple cheat sheet below to help take the load off and give you some ideas for the amazing loved ones in your life! The Trendster: Flamingo Top     The Flamingo Sweatshirt, Indego Africa- $125 Who wouldn’t love a pink flamingo to brighten their day? This cozy sweatshirt is perfect for the fashionista who has everything. All profits from Indego Africa fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft these products. Now, how cool is that?            SoleSisterBangle Sole Sister Bangle Set, Sseko Designs - $49.99 This trio of beautiful brass bangles includes one of which displays the name of a Sseko woman. By wearing the name of one these women, the wearer is reminded of their life and story. These bangles represent the global community of strong, loving women that we are all a part of--women who continually inspire one another with courage and with grace. NavyClutch Navy Stripe Cosmetic Clutch, Connected Artisans - $36 This chic little cosmetic bag doubles as a mini clutch to hold the basic essentials for a girl’s night out on the town. All of the artisans who meticulously create these goods receive a fair wage for their work. This company also focuses on creating long-lasting relationships with these talented men and women for long-term sustainability. The Hostess Candle Mango + Grapefruit Candle, Raven and Lily- $22 This gold-dipped and hand-poured soy candle has been infused with lush and fresh fruit aromas and is a stunning addition to any decor display. Raven and Lily seeks to empower formerly homeless women in Los Angeles, California.   PinkPomBasket Pink Pom Basket, Indego Africa- $40 A colorful little basket to hide and store the delicate treasures near and dear to her heart. One of a kind and hand-crafted using needles and fine plant threads, the technique requires much skill and patience. All funds go to provide educational training programs for the women who handcraft these products.   Terrarium Earth Glass Terrarium Kit, Connected Goods - $55 Made proudly in the US of A, this terrarium comes with everything (minus soil) you need to create your own little micro-environment. This glass cube sits on a flattened point, creating an interesting illusion. Terrariums are made with concern for the environment, using eco-friendly techniques, non-toxic flux, and lead-free silver alloy solder. EPA MadeBag   Let Hope Rise Tote, EPA Made - $20.00 This is a great tote for a quick trip to the grocery store! We love the metallic-gold screen printed calligraphy as well! EPAMade is a social enterprise centered on creating jobs, building a loving community, and changing the lives of marginalized families in East Palo Alto, California.   The Boho Goddess: Hoop Earrings Screw Hoops, Winifred Grace - $88 A twist on the classic hoop, these earrings resemble the tops of screws for a tough yet chic look. Designed in Chicago and made in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where Winifred partners with a workshop that employs poor local women to provide them with income and an opportunity to learn jewelry as a trade. Turban Green Turband, Cult Gaia for Indego Africa - $48 Cover up any bad hair day with this stylish Cult Gaia turband that is decked out with fresh, vibrant prints. The wiring inside provides for the perfect fit and hold for any boho goddess (or boho goddess for the day). Weleda Weleda Skin Food cream, Weleda - $19 Keep rough, dry skin at bay with this ultra-moisturizing hand cream that has been formulated with natural calendula flower and other essential oils. Weleda creates products that nurture and heal. They use biodynamic farming techniques by developing fair-trade trade partnerships for a greater impact on the world.   The Savvy Sister GoudanceBangle Goudance Bangle, Indego Africa - $70.00 Made from recycled tin, this sleek and simple bangle will become a staple to any wardrobe. Stack a few bracelets for added drama. EverlanePencilholder Royal Blue pencil holder, Everlane - $35 Leather always adds a touch of luxury to any gift, and this lovely pencil holder also brings organization into her life. Can also be used to store make-up brushes or feminine products. The best part is that it comes with an inexpensive price tag! Raven&LilyNotebook Uzma Recycled Cotton Travel Journal, Raven + Lily - $9 A mesmerizing black broken braided print adorns this eco-friendly travel journal, perfect for the lady on the go. This collection seeks to empower marginalized women in Northern India. For the Mini's  Goosegrease Goose Grease Custom Dolls, $30+ Give a gift that is personal, literally. These customizable wooden dolls are painted by Fair-Trade artisan women in Colombia. Each doll is carefully hand-chiseled on an electric lathe in a small carpentry shop in Bogotá, Colombia, using sustainably forested wood. All paints are non-toxic and suitable for kids and adults of all ages. The dolls also come premade with different characters and personalities. Oeuf_ToothPillow White Tooth Fairy Pillow,Oeuf  $36. This little tooth pillow has a back pocket to hide a little one's tooth ready for the fairy to take it away! All of Oeuf's knits are made in Bolivia by a self-managed community of indigenous women. In line with fair trade principles, our artisans are paid a living wage, which enables them to afford healthcare and education for their children. RobinRattle_HazelVillage Organic Cotton Chubby Robin Rattle, Green Heart Shop - $19.95 Put a mom’s mind at ease with this organic cotton rattle by Hazel Village toys. It doesn’t contain any hard buttons or features and is washable. Patch Giraffe & Banana Patch Set, P.S. I Made This x Indego Africa - $45 A result of a collaboration with the innovative lifestyle brand P.S.- I made this…, these adorable iron-on patches make perfect additions to your little one’s backpacks, clothing and more. Hand-embroidered with love by the ladies of IBABA, the package includes DIY ideas from P.S.- I made this… Firetruck Wooden Fire Truck Toy, Green Heart Shop - $24.95 Better than plastic, this fire truck is lead-free and made of sustainably harvested shesham wood and crafted by artisans in India. HSSS is a non-profit organization that works for the uplifting and development of underprivileged artisans. It is composed primarily of male artisans, both Hindu and Muslim, who suffer educational, training and health related issues.   PandaHat The Panda , Krochet Kids- $19.50 We (SF Giants) just lost the Panda to another team...but that doesn't meant your little one can't keep on sporting this adorable hat! Each hat is made in Uganda and signed by the actual artisan. The company, Krochet Kids intl. helps provide employment, training and mentoring for the women of Uganda. Hand-Embroidered Star Ornament, Ellie Fun Day - $28 How could I leave out this limited edition ornament from Ellie Fun Day? Personalize it for a new baby, significant other or anyone special in your life! The best part is that 100% of the proceeds helps with the development of their sewing unit in India.   For the Dudes:  MenScarf Elmfridsson Heavy-Knitted Scarf, Nudie Jeans - $159 This heavy-knitted scarf will keep any man in your life warm and cozy. It is made of a wool and cotton blend. Also check out their denim for men, which is made of 100% recycled organic cotton. DenimTie Denim Necktie, Forage - $78 “Add a little formal to your casual.” Suitable for all occasions: dress up casual or dress down formal. This denim necktie is one of a limited number made. Forage assembles each piece by hand in the USA while being environmentally conscious. Hightops Clemente Hi-Top, Fortress of Inca - $179 Treat your Man to something better than a foot massage. These sleek sneakers are made from three types of luxurious premium high-grade leathers - crust, nubuck and suede – giving these shoes both luxury and high comfort. This brand produces handmade shoes in Peru while providing workers with fair wages. Stone&ClothBackpack The Lucas Backpack, Stone & Cloth - $51.80 We love camo especially if it hides dirt when your man takes this for a hike into the mountains. Your purchase of each Stone & Cloth backpack helps provide scholarships for students in need. Where do you shop for gifts made/sourced ethically? Read More >