Top 10 Consciously Made Gifts : Part 2 for the Hostess & Your Beau

Top 10 Consciously Made Gifts : Part 2 for the Hostess & Your Beau

December 09, 2015 2 Comments

Top 10 Conscious Gifts for the Home

  1. These hand-screen printed napkins from Skinny La Minx are made in a small studio in Capetown, South Africa. $20. 
  2. Individually hand-carved and formed out of porcelain clay these Peace Bells are a beautiful collection from Mt. Washington Pottery. $110.
  3. This Big Jug (1/2 gallon to be precise) of organic maple syrup from Best Made Co. will be a hit with those holiday waffles. $72.
  4. MPowerd makes affordable clean energy lamps called Luci and through their Give Luci program you can buy a light for a Syrian Refugee in need. $19.99
  5. Bring back the old ViewMaster and add a customized reel. Truly the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. $19.95 
  6. Fair-trade Bicycle Bookends from Serrv helps bring the cyclist's-heart to the home $35.95
  7. Our Mille-Feuille Throw Blanket is the softest blanket with 3-layers of organic cotton muslin. $118.
  8. This ethical Preserve Stone-wear Pot from Tom Butcher Ceramics will outlast any other earthenware pot due to it's durability. Hand made in Scotland. $25.
  9. Made in the USA by Wrk-shp their Hanging Concrete Vessel is perfect for a favorite houseplant. $58.
  10. A single-piece of leather makes up this hand-molded CP Slipper from a family of artisans in Elche, Spain. $35.

Perfect Gift for Your Beau


    1. This made in USA, Diamond Quilted Waxed Canvas bomber jacket from Iron & Resin is sure to keep your man stylish and warm. $395.
    2. ChapterTen believes that you should be able to afford a nice watch Every month they support a different non-profit through donating a portion of their profits back. $79.
    3. Crafted in Peru using the highest social and environmental standard, these Utility Chinos from Apolis Global are made to last. $138. 
    4. The Sterling Silver Tie Clip is the perfect focal point to any man's outfit. $98. 
    5. Made by hand in the USA, this Belgian Dart Set from Best Made Co. is perfect for any man cave. $122. 
    6. These socks made in collaboration with CHUP x 3Sixteen in a Japanese factory specializing in knits with indigo-dyed yarns are perfect for keeping toes warm and toasty. $35.
    7. Designed in Detroit, the Six Pocket Card Case from Shinola is fully-lined with folded edges. $150.
    8. These super soft organic cotton boxers from PACT  are a perfect stocking stuffer for the eco-conscious man in your life. $28.99
    9. The Portage Badge is perfect for spiffing up a backpack or simple jacket. $6.
    10. Weatherized outsole and full-grain leather boots from TOMS shoes will take your man through the winter season. Each shoe purchased gives another person in need of a shoe. $119.25

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CP Slippers
CP Slippers

October 17, 2019

Thanks for sharing!! Love your blog :)


December 10, 2015

Thanks for putting the time and effort to share these lists. Very resourceful! Thanks!

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