How to wear our Goddess Swaddle Scarf 5 ways

September 17, 2015 1 Comment


Hey there! It's Davina again, Mama of now two lively and rambunctious boys! My family is a fan of all things EllieFunDay. Our favorite is the super soft and versatile Goddess Swaddle - and I'm here to show you how you can turn this swaddle into a multi-purpose scarf!

Handkerchief Tie

The most common of styles is the handkerchief style, which involves folding the scarf across into a triangle. This style is perfect with anything casual, and looks great with denim or a simple dress. Next, fold down the crease in order to size down the scarf. Drape the scarf across your shoulders, throwing the corners over your shoulders until you are left with a "bib." Then, bring the corners back to the front, tying the ends into a bunny loop. 

Double Knots

Similar to the handkerchief style above, first fold the scarf into a triangular shape. Fold down the crease of the scarf a few times, and drape it across your shoulders, with the two end points hung in front. Tie each end point into a knot, and toss one end over the shoulder, or hung in front like the handkerchief style.

Sling Bag

This style works perfectly with the swaddle because of the amount of fabric involved makes for a generously-sized sling bag. It is perfect for a trip to the beach or pool, holding some of the basic essentials you may need for yourself or baby! You begin by taking the opposite corners of the swaddle, tying it twice. Next, take the remaining opposite ends and tie them into a knot, leaving space beneath to sling the bag over your shoulder - and voila! 

Belted Wrap

Let this belted scarf keep you warm this season, whether you're on the go or snuggling to a cup of tea at home. Fold the swaddle in half to form a triangular shape. Drape the scarf over, covering the shoulders, and leaving the pointed ends in front. Grab your favorite belt to cinch the scarf at the small of your waist. 

Simple Wrap

This last style is the simplest - fold the swaddle in half to form a rectangle, drape behind your shoulders and effortlessly toss the ends over!

Let us know how these scarf tutorials worked for you, we'd love to see what other styles you all have come up with- Enjoy!


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September 23, 2015

These scarf ideas are such fun! I love the Elliefunday products but had not thought I could treat myself to one! This is very tempting!

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