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November 08, 2011 1 Comment

I know that it's been a long-time coming, but we've finally launched our Indiegogo! So what does that mean? IndieGogo is a crowd-funding platform to help fund creative projects like ours that just need a little boost from friends and family. For every contribution there are some awesome things that you will be getting in return! We are trying to raise $15,000 to kickstart our project in India. Here are our goodies! $5 ///  Ellie's Friends :
  • shout out on Ellie Fun Day facebook
  • a digital wallpaper download from Ellie Fun Day
$25  ///  Ellie's Poster Club :
  • a limited edition Ellie Fun Day  poster. This was designed and hand-drawn especially by my good friend Akiko Ito for Ellie Fun Day.
$40 ///  Ellie's Shopping Club : Ok, this is not just any ole shopping bag. First off, it's made from jute (which is an eco-friendly fiber) with a water protectant liner. We are collaborating with Freeset Global to bring this bag to you. Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade.
  • a limited edition Ellie Fun Day and Freeset Collab burlap totebag.
$60 ///   Ellie's Swag :
  • both the limited edition Ellie Fun Day totebag and poster
$96 ///   Ellie's Blankie:  This is a limited edition run blanket made in the USA. All proceeds from this blanket will help fund our venture in India. The front side is made from an ultra- silky Cotton and Silk. It features adorable little flaps that little ones will love to play with. The backside is 100% ORGANIC COTTON FLEECE that is super snuggly and soft. This is entirely machine washable.
  • premier Ellie Fun Day Blanket (retails for $110). Pick ONE, either the ELLIE or the SHARKIE
$150 ///  Ellie's Blankie Club :
  • 1 Ellie Fun Day blanket
  • 1 limited edition Ellie Fun Day poster
  • 1 Ellie Fun Day Burlap Totebag
$325 ///   Ellie's Blankie Swag : This is a great deal if you have many upcoming baby showers! What a great way to have a gift that keeps on giving
  • 3 Ellie Fun Day blankets
  • the limited edition Ellie Fun Day poster
  • 1 Ellie Fun Day Burlap totebag
$365 ///   Ellie's Heirloom Blankie: We will work with you to create a one of a kind blanket for your loved one that will be treasured for a lifetime. This is truly a special gift that will bring lots of oos and aahs... for generations to last.
  • everything from Ellie's Swag ( 1 totebag & 1 poster)
  • plus 1 customizable, heirloom blanket, hand-sewn by Sarah, which includes a design consultation.
$450 /// Ellie's Prep Club: everything from Ellie's Blankie AND three hours of personalized nursery/or 1 room interior and design consultation by Sarah; OR three 1-hr personalized college-preparation and application consultations for students between grades 8 and 11 by Elton.
$1,000 ///   Ellie's Photo Friends : If you've ever wanted your child to be a model in an ad, this is the time! We will work with you to get just the right shot and you will have the photos to prove it! (limited to the Sacramento and SF Bay Area)
  • 1 Calvina Photography Session Package and we'll feature your child (5 and under) in an Ellie Fun Day promo
  • plus everything from Ellie's Blankie Swag
 $7,000 ///   Ellie's Tour : hear stories of transformation and gain an in-depth perspective on our development work. Let this trip also be an opportunity for you to dream of how you can bring change to our world!
  • everything from Ellie's Blanket Swag
  • and one trip to India to meet the women who are making the blankets
Please go to our INDIEGOGO PAGE to support us! Thanks friends and family!

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