Our Story

EllieFunDay is a social enterprise that designs organic baby blankets that empower marginalized women through dignified employment and a fair-wage.
Each blanket is lovingly handcrafted for life™.

I've always dreamed about creating a product that married my love for good design and a social need. I was reaching a point in my career where I felt challenged to use my skills in a more meaningful way and so I quit my full-time design job and proceeded to start Ellie Fun Day.

People always ask, "How did EllieFunDay start"? I've always dreamed about creating a product that would empower the economically disadvantaged. I also knew that it would have to be something I dearly loved. I came back to my baby blanket. It's one of those stories where whenever my mom washed it and hung it out to dry, I would stand outside by the clothesline grasping a corner of my blankie and waited till it was ready for me to reclaim as my own. 

With a lot of perseverance and heartache, we spent our first 2 years traveling to India vetting all the right partners to make sure that they were committed to empowering the poor through creating sustainable jobs. Read more about our non-profit, handcrafted for life and how we create impact through our goods. We are also committed to sourcing organic and/or fairly traded textiles as much as possible. 

We hope that you and your loved ones continue to follow our journey here as we work together to empower the less fortunate through our gifts and products!


sarah & elton