How to Swaddle your Baby


Why Swaddle Your Baby?

  • longer sleep: what parent doesn't want their baby to sleep longer? Studies have shown that babies feel more secure when they're swaddled correctly and stops them from waking up from their own startle reflex. Remember to keep the hip area loose to prevent Hip Dysplasia. 
  • reduce the risk of SIDS: to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome it's important to place your baby on his/her back every time you put them to sleep. This is even more important when you swaddle your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only swaddling infants up to 2 months. Once they're able to roll-over, they recommend switching to a sleep sack to free up their arms. 
  • cry less : the Mayo Clinic recommends swaddling your baby to create a safer feeling of security therefore having a baby that may cry less.

We've decided to design our swaddle to be both functional and fashionable for mom! (check out our How to wear a Swaddle as a Scarf) Most baby swaddles tend to be printed with "cutesy" design for baby, but we designed ours so that it could be used beyond baby! Check it out here