Top Resources for Educating your Family about BLM

Top Resources for Educating your Family about BLM

June 04, 2020

Top Resources for Educating your Family about BLM

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the powerful resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement on the local and national level, we recognize the importance of listening, educating, and acting. We understand that this requires having dialogues with your friends, family, and colleagues about past and current racial injustices and the ways to be a meaningful ally to the African American and broader POC community. We also understand that these topics and conversations can be challenging for families with small kids to discuss together. So, we’ve compiled a list of various resources we hope you can use to educate yourself and your kids in an open and comfortable environment:


  1. A is for Activist - Innosanto Nagara
  2. Harlem’s Little Blackbird - Renee Watson
  3. Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match/Marisol McDonald No Combina - Monica Brown
  4. Shades of People - Sheila M. Kelly and Shelley Rotner
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    Websites & Articles

    1. Deliberate Discourse 
    2. NPR Talking Race with Young Children 
    3. NYT Talking to Kids about Racial Violence 
    4. The Washington Post Why I teach my 2-year-old about race
    5. Raising Race Conscious Children 

    Interviews & Expert Advice 
    1. Talking to Children after Racial Incidents - Penn GSE Newsroom
    2. Supporting Kids Of Color In Wake Of Racialized Violence - EmbraceRace
    3. Talking to kids about discrimination - American Psychological Association
    4. What White Children Need to Know About Race - Ali Michael and Eleonora Bartoli

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