Fun Days in San Francisco with TANTRUM

July 08, 2017

This summer, we're starting a new monthly series with travel tips to popular cities across the world! We've asked several shops in these cities for hidden jewels that are children-friendly and worth checking out. This month, Amanda from TANTRUM is taking us around San Francisco.

Where are your three favorite family friendly restaurants in SF?

Hmm...we like Emmy's Spaghetti Shack. They have illustrated unicorn menu's and a pin ball machine. Giorgio's for pizza-very kid friendly, old-school space and Little Star Pizza--the kids love playing songs on the jukebox.

Is there a local park that families often go to? 

here is a nice little playground between 9th and 10th on Fulton (in Golden Gate Park) that we go to. It's also good for climbing trees and squirrel watching. Bring a blanket and relax on the lawn while kids play around you. It's a good place to visit after The De Young or Academy of Science.

Best “hole-in-the-wall” photo spots?

Against the Rainbow Mural at Cole and Haight Street!

What are some essential accessories for children when exploring SF?

Winter jacket and sunscreen... you never know the weather over one hill to the next.

Three secret/hidden spots in the city that are great for taking children?

Fairy Gates through Sutro Forest, The Candy Store (Russsian Hill), Green Apple Books (Inner Richmond).

Best souvenir from the city?

San Francisco Fog globe--from TANTRUM, of course ;-) 


EllieFunDay also recommends...

  • Best Arcade : Musique Mechanique. Forget digital, we're going retro. With this amazing antique arcade made out of wood and steel, your kids will be fascinated by the turn of the century games! 
  • Best Slides : Seward Slides. Pro-tip : bring cardboard to slide even faster! 
  • Best Ice Cream : Bi-rite. Best Flavors: lavender honey & salted caramel 

picture from their Facebook

  • Best Milk Tea : Boba Guys. Pro-tip: order to your sweetness desire!

picture taken from their Instagram


Amanda is a mother of two and owner of TANTRUM. You can shop their goods here or pay them a visit when you come to San Francisco!

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