Fun Days in Portland with The Yo! Store

January 18, 2018


A new year calls for new travel adventures, and this time, we've asked Sarah from The Yo! Store to share their favorite family-friendly spots to visit in Portland.


Where are your three favorite family friendly restaurants in Portland?

We live in South East Portland so we like to take a walk down Division Street with our dog and 2 year old son and have a breakfast treat and a steamer at Roman Candle - it's always buzzy, friendly and great food. Other places we love to go and are super family friendly is a rad restaurant super close to our house called Por Que No! The deco is amazing and the music and food is great - we've been taking Finn there since he was 6 weeks old and he loves Mexican food! 

source: @romancandlebaking on Instagram

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Lastly we spend a lot of time at the Toffee Club - it's an English football Pub and super kid friendly as the owners have 2 kids under 3. I'm not super into football but I love the space and every Sunday from 11am they host a great brunch with an amazing DJ spinning records (plus a foozeball table and toy area for the kids! Perfect!)

Is there a local park that families often go to?

Mount Tabor in South East Portland is amazing! It has the best view of the city - an incredible park to run about it (ride your bike / scooter / run with the dog / meet with friends and walk under the mega tall trees! It also has a designated park for the kids or a dog area - you can literally get lost in here. It's one of my very favorite places in Portland - so much so that our son's middle name is Tabor. It's a special magical place (photo is from the other morning!)

Best “hole-in-the-wall” photo spots?

We love going to the Ace Hotel downtown every few months and all cramming in the old school photo booth (with our dog too) and seeing our son grow and change! We've been doing this since he was a baby - we love looking back at them altogether. Another amazing place to explore and take beautiful photos would be the Portland Japanese Garden - an amazing place to explore - as modeled by the super cute Marni who came to see us at our store then took her bunny for a trip after there!

source: Bill Anastas on Unsplash

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What are some essential accessories for children when exploring Portland?

Well it rains a lot here so definitely some rainbows and a raincoat!

Three secret/hidden spots in the city that are great for taking children?

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  • Forest Park - magical adventures in NW Portland
  • The Zoo! Not secret - but always fun
  • OMSI -the science museum is AMAZING! Especially on the endless rainy days!

Best souvenir from the city?

source: @theyostore on Instagram

Something from The Yo! Store to start ! We support a lot of rad ceramic local artists that make great things and of course super cute baby clothing. There are so many small businesses here in Portland - you could spend the weekend hopping from one to the next and getting something lovely from any of them to take home with you! And of course finally your photo souvenir from The Ace hotel.


Sarah is the founder of The Yo! Store and sells collections of vintage and designer women and children pieces, from apparel to home goods. You can visit her store here, or stop by whenever you're in Portland!

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