Fun Days in LA with Burro

September 06, 2017

Continuing our series of hidden jewels to visit in popular cities, we've asked several shops to share some of their favorite spots to visit that are family friendly. This week, we are excited to step into Los Angeles with Burro!


Where are your three favorite family friendly restaurants in LA?

We live in Venice and there are so many great restaurants we can walk to from our house. Between Abbot Kinney, Rose Avenue and Main Street, we're pretty lucky. We like to dine at Hal's more often than we should. There is something for everyone.

For restaurant recommendations for people with kids, I like to suggest the following:

  • Malibu Farm - It's a beautiful drive up the coast and we love the setting and food at Malibu Farm. It's a great, casual place to eat, and it's fun to walk to the end of the Pier and check out the surfers and fishermen. We sell their cookbook, and it's a great one for sure.

source: @malibufarm on Instagram

  • Pitfire Pizza - Kids love eating here. We get it delivered at home as well. You can't beat the kid's chicken meatball pasta with a side of the tuscan bean soup.

source: @pitfirepizza on Instagram

  • Irori Sushi - I think our daughter would eat avocado rolls most nights given the choice. This place is fun as their tables are traditional Japanese style where you take your shoes off and sit on the floor. Our daughter loves to climb under the table, so it's almost like the adults can have some alone time.

  • Brentwood Town and Country Mart: Can't resist going here for the chicken baskets at lunch. I've been going since I was a kid, so I kind of get nostalgic about it.

Other notable places:

Is there a local park that families often go to?

We really like taking the bikes down to the bike path and going to the beach. There are some great parks along the bike path that our kid usually cons us to go to. We also really like Tongva Park in Santa Monica, especially for younger kids. They have a nice water park feature that kid's love to play in during the summer and they also have beautiful landscaping and views of the Pacific Ocean.

source: @venice_of_america on Instagram

Best “hole-in-the-wall” photo spots?

We don't really go places to take photos, so I am not sure this applies to us, but I love the colorful stairs I've been seeing pop up in my feed.  Also, who can resist snapping photos at the Museum of Ice Cream?

What are some essential accessories for children when exploring LA?

A baseball cap, sunscreen and flip flops are really essential in our household. There are always no less than four pairs of kid flip flops by the front door and in the back seat of our car on any given day.

source: @burrogoods on Instagram

Three secret/hidden spots in the city that are great for taking children?

We recently went on a day trip to Olvera Street. We had such a blast! They have wonderful things to see, great restaurants and we always manage to come home with some really loved treasures. You can tour the oldest home in Los Angeles. I highly recommend this. We also like going to the museums downtown when new exhibits come out. I don't know about many secret spots, If I knew, I might not give them away, but we do enjoy the Santa Monica Pier on a weekday. You can spend under two hours there, and your kid will feel like they have had a big adventure. We love going on the carousel, riding the ferris wheel and "winning" prizes.

source: @hobby_enthusiast on Instagram

Best souvenir from the city?

Obviously stopping by Burro and picking up a souvenir is at the top of our list.  I guess it depends on what you are into.  I'd want an art book from an exhibiting show from any town I visit, but someone else just might really want a baseball cap from their favorite team.  I'd say getting a shell from the beach would be proper.

source: @burrogoods on Instagram


Erinn Berkson opened Burro on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, hoping to share special trinkets, home goods, and more with the community. You can visit her shop here, or pay her a visit whenever you're in LA!

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