Best Sun Protection for Your Littles: From Head to Toe

Best Sun Protection for Your Littles: From Head to Toe

June 08, 2020

With summer just around the corner, we know you’re going to want to protect your little from the sun’s rays while spending quality family time at your local beach or enjoying your staycation poolside on a hot, weekend afternoon. With the wide variety of sunscreen brands and other beach products out there, it’s difficult to identify the safest and natural options that are perfect for children. That’s why we’ve done the searching for you! Below is a list of high-quality, organic, and adorable products and accessories for this sunny season.



Starting off with protective face protection, sunbonnets and sun hats are stylish and perfect additions to your babies’ summer look. Here are some of our favorites: 

EllieFunDay Sun Bonnet

Our baby sunbonnet, pictured in Moonlight, Silver Sage, and Cayenne is made of ethically-sourced organic cotton and comes complete with an adjustable neck-tie for all kinds of fits. This breathable hat will provide the ideal amount of shade to shield your babies’ eyes so they can enjoy the hot, summer days to the fullest. Pick from our array of fun colors and patterns for your kids’ next outdoor adventure!


EllieFunDay Newsboy Cap

Our Newsboy Cap, in Golden Mustard, Blush, and Stonewash, is another accessory that will keep your child safe from the heat and comfortable all day long. Made of organic cotton muslin and flannel, our newsboy cap is soft, lightweight, and breathable – perfect for playing all day long! Our playful variety of shades will mix and match perfectly with your littles wardrobe.




Next up, sunglasses are essential to protecting your child from the dangers of intense sun exposure. Due to the sensitivity of their skin, children that don’t wear sunglasses are at greater risk for skin and eye damage than adults – especially infants under 6 months. The earlier you protect your children’s eyes from the UV rays, the lower the risk of significant harm to the eyes. Here are some fashionable and most UV-resistant sunglasses for afternoons spent outdoors:

Cocosand Navigators

Perfect for kids ages 2-4, these shades have 100% UVA and UVB blocking lenses for ultimate protection from rays. Made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, these sunglasses are a purchase you can feel great about. They offer a wide array of colors for your child to style into summer!

Grown Kids Lil' Kick Bamboo

Grown Eyewear makes unique, handcrafted sunglasses using sustainably-sourced wood and bamboo – offering a range of adult and kids eyewear. Lighter and more durable than your typical pair of plastic glasses, these kids' shades are perfect for playtime at the beach. 

Sunski Mini Dispea Tortoise Emerald

Sunski uses locally-sourced recycled plastic and strays from plastic packaging, check out their 100% UV resistant frames for your little! With the Mini Dispea in Tortoise Emerald, your kid will be ready for a fashion-forward and safe summer!



Rashguards are another summer must-have, as they provide a protective layer that prevents your baby from too much contact with the sun in the water. Lightweight, fabric rash guards can allow your baby to enjoy safe, saltwater fun. Below are our top picks for sustainable swimwear: 

Mini Seea Doheni Kids Rashguard 

Seea has a beautiful line of sustainable rashguards in kid sizes to protect your little one’s delicate skin from sunburn. The company replaced neoprene with plant-based Yulex technology, which is great for warmth, comfort, stretch and durability.

Cosmo Crew Kids Snow Bright Sea & Snow Frill Rash Top

With UPF50+, Cosmo Crew’s sustainable, fitted rashguard is ideal for outdoor fun. It’s made of lightweight, recycled fabric for a quick-drying layer during the summer.   

INA Swim Bay Rash Shirt

INA Swim’s SPF 50, chlorine-resistant rash guards come in a variety of pastel tones and are made from a recycled blend of nylon and elastane. With full-length sleeves and a zip closure, this rash shirt is stylish, simple, and protective.



Swaddles are a great addition to any summer outing, as they help keep your baby feel safe, secure, and cozy – and sleeping well! Keep your baby wrapped and ready for nap-time during your staycation with these organic and super-comfortable swaddled: 

EllieFunDay Pigment Swaddle

Our embroidered pigment swaddles, pictured in Cayenne, Pink Lilac, and Silver Sage, are crafted with an ethically-sourced organic double gauze cotton and can be doubled as a summer sarong, nursing cover, or stylish scarf! With a selection of bright shades and delicate embroidered detailing, our swaddle will become your next summer must-have.


EllieFunDay Endearment Swaddle 

Swaddle your baby in our handmade and delicately embroidered endearment swaddles, pictured in Bebe Blue and Etoile Yellow. Crafted with soft double gauze cotton, your baby will rest peacefully and comfortably in the Endearment Swaddle. Wear also as a light scarf and style with a belt or knotted! 



Beach Tents

No beach trip is complete without a set of beach tents and mats to set up a safe, comfortable, and baby-ready play area! Beach tents provide crucial UV protection and offer an environment free from sand that could end up ingested or in your littles’ eyes. We’ve listed some of our tops picks for your next family outing:

Babymoov Anti-UV Tent

Babymoov’s large play tent offers the perfect protection for your baby, has strong anti-UV protection, and is foldable – so it’s simple and easy to transport for day trips.

NEQUARE Portable Pop Up Baby Beach Shelter 

This lightweight and collapsible beach tent is specially made to provide the ideal shade for toddlers and can also easily convert into a safe beach pool.

Pacific Play Tents Starburst Lil Nursery Tent

This play tent comes in a bright, colorful variety and it’s mesh panels allow for cool ventilation to prevent your little one from overheating in the strong summer sun. 


Along with these essentials, you will want to lather your little in organic and non-toxic sunblock to protect the delicate facial and body skin from sunburn. It’s important to use natural sunscreens that are fragrance free, free of toxic ingredients and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which can lead to skin cancer and are harmful to aquatic life. The following sunscreens will keep you littles’ skin safe from sunburn and dehydration: 

Baby Bum SPF Sunscreen Lotion.

BabyBum is 100% mineral-based, providing ultimate protection with a lightweight formula that blends easily and feels great on the skin. 

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection  

Aveeno’s sunscreen is made with an oat-based formula, which helps to hydrate and nourish your babies’ skin, and the natural zinc oxide offers strong sun protection. The formula is also paraben-free, phthalate-free, and fragrance-free!

Ever Eden Premium Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

This sunscreen offers broad-spectrum, chemical-free UVA/UVB protection with a moisturizing and super-blendable formula that won’t feel sticky on your little’s skin. It’s also hyperallergic and water resistant – ideal for sensitive skin protection on a day spent in the water. Developed in Australia, Ever Eden’s sunscreen also meets strict sun protection standards and is loved by mommies all over. 



With all of these beachy essentials, you and your littles will be more than ready to enjoy a relaxing and sunburn-proof summer! 

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