Behind the Scenes: Rylee & Cru and EllieFunDay Collaboration

Behind the Scenes: Rylee & Cru and EllieFunDay Collaboration

November 28, 2017

rylee and cru

swaddled baby

I've been a long time admirer of Kelli Murray's adorably sweet and simple illustrations before she even launched her children's clothing line, Rylee and Cru. So to my own happiness when we reached out to them to work on a collaboration, they were overjoyed to partner with us and our mission. 

Kelli meticulously hand paints all of her patterns and then finishes them in Photoshop. We thought that her Stardust pattern and the Forest Print would marry perfectly with our hand-embroidered designs. 

Each one of the designs are hand-embroidered by a non-profit that we partner with in India giving all the ladies a fair-wage and dignified employment. Because this was a new design, I had the pleasure of working on ground in India with our partner artisans to bring you this most exciting collaboration! 

I'd love to share with you the process in making these swaddles. Each product is lovingly hand-crafted, embroidered and finished by a woman artisan. She prides herself in making a fair-wage to sustain her and her family. This in turn means education, healthcare and savings for them to be self-sufficient. 

STEP 1 // INSPECTION : All of our organic cotton textiles are hand-inspected to ensure consistency and design. 

cute organic swaddles for baby

STEP 2 // CUTTING : our swaddles are hand cut to ensure accuracy for design placement. 

STEP 3 // SEWING : each swaddle then is brought over to the sewers to finish the edges and labels are sewn on.

organic baby swaddle star cute

STEP 4 // TRACING : then the design is hand-traced on a light table so that each embroidered design is placed in the right position

fox and forest swaddle print

STEP 5 // EMBROIDERY : All of our embroiders are meticulous in their craftsmanship and take their time in making sure each design is embroidered correctly. 

baby swaddle organic cotton fox and forest print

STEP 6 // FINAL INSPECTION : After the swaddle is embroidered, it goes through a final quality control checklist to make sure ti passes our standards of excellence. 

STEP 7 // FINISHING : Then off to finishing, where the swaddle is pressed, folded and tied perfectly, ready for gifting. 

folded swaddle


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