8 Tips For Styling the Bump

8 Tips For Styling the Bump

October 06, 2016

Hey folks! It’s Davina here, and I’m back to share some tips I’ve followed during my last few pregnancies (yes, we are expecting a third: a baby girl this time!). I have to admit, dressing a growing bump can be rather frustrating when you already have the challenges that come with being pregnant, but it doesn’t have to be a chore! And just because you have a new “accessory” to dress, doesn’t mean you’re confined to a potato sack bag. Sure, there are days when the thought of getting dressed in the morning can cause you to shrink back under the covers, ­especially during the final months, but it is a temporary challenge. I have put together some tips that have helped me get dressed (currently still) each morning. I hope that you will find some of these tips helpful!


  1. Form over flow.

Many maternity tops involve a ton of loose, flowing fabric, which tends to overemphasize your bump in an unflattering way. The key is to flaunt the bump without causing you to look or feel larger than life. Try to keep one part of your outfit fitted if another part tends to be looser.

Example: Boho-style blouse over pencil skirt or a fitted top paired with a flowing skirt


  1. Use prints wisely.

There is no need to avoid prints or stripes completely when you’re pregnant, and prints keep your outfits from looking drab! The cut and fit should matter more than the prints themselves. However, try to keep the prints on top, while keeping the rest of your outfit simple and solid.


Swedish-based company Boob (most appropriate), sells ethically and sustainably sourced clothing for pregnant and nursing mothers. On their website, you can find tons of adorable basics and undergarments for use during and after your pregnancy.


  1. Dark colors are your friends.

This is a no-brainer, as we all know that black tends to slim, and white tends to magnify! Before you decide to go all Goth or NYC Fashion Editor during your pregnancy, look into other colors such as neutrals, army greens, rust colors and grays. A monochromatic look works too!


  1. Accessorize.

After having a decline in wardrobe options from your closet as your bump grows, look to accessories (like the Goddess Swaddle) to help prevent you from feeling like you are wearing a uniform. Play with various printed scarves (vintage stores are a great place to score some for inexpensive prices!), unique jewelry pieces, playful sunglasses, etc. But at the same time, try not to overdo it; or risk looking like a one-woman-circus!

How to wear a scarf

You can never go wrong with Soko jewelry, and their beautifully made pieces. I especially love the unique take on these hoop brass earrings. Each piece is lovingly made by a woman in a developing country.


  1. Allow statement pieces to be the star of your outfit.

Like accessories, statement pieces help make an outfit stand out without feeling like you are stuck in a wardrobe rut. Have fun with your bags and shoes, because you can never outgrow those (with the exception of widening or swelling feet towards the end of your pregnancy)! Depending on how comfortable you feel on your feet, heels do not necessarily need to be banned. Low block heels and wedges are comfortable options when you are tired of wearing sneakers and Birks all day. And if you’re bold enough to wear high heeled stilettos, more power to you! Just be sure to use caution, as pregnant women are notorious for having a lack of balance.


Union & Fifth is a great site that sells gently used luxury items for less. All purchases go towards a selected charity—upcycle and do good all in one purchase.


  1. Try not to overspend on maternity clothes.

Unless you plan on having more children, you probably won’t be wearing much of your maternity clothes post-pregnancy (but they do come in handy as you wait for your belly to return to a decent size ^^). With that in mind, try not to go all out in buying an entire new wardrobe for the span of your pregnancy. And if you’re like me, you probably won’t want to touch the clothes you wore during pregnancy after you’re through with them!


  1. Accept pre-loved maternity wear.

Mommy + Baby consignment stores do exist! The first one I stumbled upon was Chloe’s Closet in San Francisco, and I found out they have a few other locations in the Bay Area. They mainly specialize in pre-loved books, toys and clothing for children, but there is also a good-sized maternity section that also includes nursing covers! A trip to your local thrift shop may also allow you to score some finds perfect for maternity wear. I am also very thankful to have other Mamas in my life who have handed down their maternity clothes to me, which is a huge blessing.


  1. Be creative with your wardrobe.

Depending on which stage of pregnancy you are in, you can probably get away with wearing what you already own (at least for a certain amount of time). Purchase a belly band to wear over your jeans, skirts and shorts, or use the ole’ hair-tie through the button hole trick to hold your jeans together until it’s time to purchase a pair of maternity pants. Clothing made with light, stretchy materials are more forgiving and flexible, so take advantage of those pieces.

Above all else, try to remember that you are carrying a real living being inside of your belly, which isn't an everyday occurrence-- so wear it proudly and enjoy this stage while you can! 

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