FREE Miniature House Gift Box Download

FREE Miniature House Gift Box Download

November 25, 2015

House Gift Box DIY

Here is an adorable download for an easy to assemble gift box for your personalized Moon & Star ornament.


Cutting Blade & Mat

Bone Folder or knitting needle



1.) Print out template in Acrobat by tiling pages. Here is how to do that. If you want to fit to page and print that is just fine as well, but it will be a lot smaller than pictured. 

2.) Cut carefully all the solid lines.

3.) Using your bone folder or the tip of your knitting needle, score all the dotted & dashed lines

4.) Start folding at all the dotted lines outward (towards the artwork)

5.) Fold all the the dashed lines inward (away from the artwork)

6.) Glue the edge marked with hashmarks and secure till dry.

7.) Tuck the bottom of the side flaps in then the larger flap and close the bottom

8.) Top Closure: This is the trickier part, but imagine it closing like a milk carton and it'll be a breeze. You can either use the two tops and have them interlock to close. We've closed ours with a cute little clothes pin. Feel free to punch holes at the top and also string a ribbon through. 

Viola! You now have a little home for your Moon & Star Ornament ready to be gifted! 



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