10 New Ways to Use Our Lovie Burp Cloth

October 21, 2015

Lovie Burp Cloth
So many parents have commented on how they love our new lovies! They're sold in a pack of 2, so when one is dirty, you can send it to the wash and use the other one. Here are 10 quick ways to use our Lovies
1. Burping : duh! this is generously sized for you to put over your shoulder! This burp cloth is pretty enough to use outside of the house at special events…not like the old raggedy ones you buy at Target. Babies also like holding onto something tactile as a way to soothe themselves. Our lovies are 100% GOTS certified organic, so they’re perfect for even the most sensitive skin! 
2. Tummy Time: put this burp cloth on your play mat to avoid getting it soiled when your baby has tummy time! Always keep an eye on baby during tummy time!
Lovie Bath Time
3. Wash Cloth: Use this as a washcloth for washing baby during bath time! It’s super absorbent. Just rinse and hang-dry. It’s gentle enough for all the right places. 
4. Pillow Saver: this isn’t just for babies! When your toddler or older kids get a stomach bug, put a couple of the burp cloth’s in-between 2 pillow cases to catch any throw-up. This makes cleaning up a bit easier. (that’s why we provide 2!) 
5. Dishtowel: yes, this burp cloth is nice enough to hang in your kitchen and double as a nice hand towel. 
6. Miniature blankie: your toddlers can use this as a miniature EllieFunDay blankie for tucking their stuffed animals to sleep. It’s also a great way to model great sleep time habits! 
7. Wrap: Use this lovely cloth to keep your bread warm or wrap fragile fruit for a picnic. With the hand-embroidery it’s pretty enough to keep on your table or send to someone as a gift! 
When it’s past it’s pretty stage: 
8. Dust: when this lovie is past it’s stage of baby-friendliness, use it to dust your home. 
9. Mop: instead of buying more Swiffer sheets, just wrap this around your Swiffer to mop the floor. 
10. Padding: yep, if you need to store glassware, or anything fragile, this is perfect for that!
How do YOU use lovie / burp cloths

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