Why International Day of the Girl Matters

October 08, 2015

At EllieFunDay, we work hard to build a business that is about empowering women. Mainly women that have faced domestic abuse, trafficking or societal abandonment. Our goal is to provide a dignified job so that these women can provide for their families outside of their abusive situations. Alongside of that, people like you can purchase meaningful gifts for those you love.

In my own travels throughout India I've heard my fair share of tragic stories. One story around how one girl couldn't be married off because her skin color was not light enough. Another where a woman's husband abused her three daughters because he thought that they were worthless. Another young girl that lived under a tree with her grandmother and faced the threat of being sexually assaulted by men that roamed the area. I've met, conversed and cried with all of these women. As I tried to empathize in my meager ways with their deep sorrow, I couldn't help but feel like I didn't deserve the "safe" life here in the U.S. 

I've been blessed to be surrounded by others that have championed me in my life, protected me from harm and stood up for me when I didn't have the courage to speak up. That's when I realized that is why International Day of the Girl matters. We as women need to surround, champion and speak up for those that can't.

So would you join us this Sunday, Oct, 11th by posting a photo of yourself with this phrase: "Anything is possible when... __________________________" #GirlPossible on your social networks. Here's a handy dandy download for you to print out! 

We're proud to bring on our amazing new assistant Olivia to the gang of #girlpossible. She's one of those #girlswhocode with her left hand and designs with her right. Seriously amazing. (Have you noticed our team is full of #girlpower? I'm so blessed to have these people surround me.) Who has been your champion in your journey? 


 Here is also a stunning infographic on Violence Against Women. Courtesy of the UN.

Violence Against Women



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