EllieFunDay Bespoke Custom Quilts

April 08, 2014

These bespoke quilts have been waiting to be shared but I really didn't have time till now!  I made a very select few for our Indiegogo funders WAYYYY back. I was commissioned by the grandmother to make a custom quilt for her grand-daughter. She really gave me free reign to design anything that I wanted. The baby comes from a great legacy of strong and vibrant women, so I thought that I would represent the 3 generations of the women through the interlocking circles and the stars. The center circle I filled with hand-painted and embroidered white stars representing baby Katelyn's new life. The gold circle representing her grandmother and the silver one her mother. (on a crazy side-note her mother gave birth to her accidentally in their NYC apartment. She came so fast, that her momma delivered her all by herself! Hence the hand-embroidered binding detail with her birthday specs.) I hope you love this quilt as much as I do. As you can see...I'm all about the details...everything is hand-made. Embroidered Quilt Name Star_detail_IMG_1725  Label_IMG_1737 3circles_IMG_1748Circles_IMG_1747 Handembroidered_quilt_bindingHolding_IMG_1688

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