What to do with $50 "Start Something that Matters"

April 10, 2012

10 EASY Ideas to "Start Something that Matters" 1.) Buy books for your local preschool in need 2.) Purchase toys for a local women's shelter 3.) Do a carwash to fundraise for your own "Start Something that Matters" project 4.) Start a one-for-one donation for the local Boys and Girls club. For every ball donated, you will match it 5.) Find a children's hospital that allows you to visit and give away balloons to kids that are on the mend 6.) Buy a $50 grocery card for a friend who is having a hard time making ends meet 7.) Start a garden and give the extras to a local soup kitchen 8.) Treat the homeless person that you see regularly to a nice dinner 9.) Volunteer at a pet-shelter and donate some treats for the animals 10.) Organize a beach clean-up day and treat all volunteers to a picnic See it's THAT easy to "Start Something that Matters"! So go and enter by 8pm PST today!

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