Behind the Scenes of the Ellie Fun Day Photoshoot

January 11, 2012

I always thought that it was fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot. To be honest with you, I've been on many photoshoots that I've art directed and many times they're pretty calculated and staged with lots of lights and makeup. For Ellie Fun Day due to time and resources we had to be more creative with what we had. First off, booking a studio would cost us hundreds of dollars and lots of other not so fun paper work. After some discussion with my in-resident photographer Calvina, we thought that my loft would be the best place since we had tons of natural light and the right flooring. After some "minor" furniture rearranging we managed to get our set-up where we had a nice clean wall and floor for our main shoot. (notice how Nate, our videographer, used my stool and clothespins to hold up the blankets!) For the bedroom shoot I cleaned out my guest room and kept the palette nice and clean with bright whites and a fluffy bed. This is where you see our teaser with the adorable Isaiah. Wardrobing kids is always fun. I wanted to keep the feel simple and make sure that the kids and the blankets stood out so I kept them in whites and neutrals. Surprisingly it's extremely hard to find just simple white tees and bottoms for them. To keep the kids happy and entertained we had a good sampling of organic pops, Goldfish and juice boxes to keep them happy. Note to self for future shoots, bring out goodies AFTER the shoot to keep them clean. :) One of the biggest challenges with shooting kids is that you can't direct them as much as adults so you're looking to create spontaneous and fun moments for them. It's really the job of the photographer to capture them at just the right moment and Calvina did a fabulous job. The two sisters, Audrey (older) and Emily (younger) are daughters of my dear friend Corrine (we go all the way back to 6th grade). They're hapa-babies as we call them, half Irish and half Chinese. They are both as rambunctious as the photos show and Emily had the total gigglies the entire time. I was scared at first that they would be camera shy, but it was quite the opposite. When we took a break to shoot Isaiah in the bedroom, Emily started to cry because she couldn't be a part of that shoot! I can't wait to do the next Ellie Fun Day shoot, we have some interesting ideas brewing... love to hear some of your thoughts on what you'd like to see next as well!  

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