The #SpreadLove Fabric Face Mask (BUY one GIVE one)

  • With our combined 20+ years in textile manufacturing, design-thinking and product development and with approval from our network of doctors from esteemed hospitals we have developed a mask for everyday use to help potentially curtail the spread of person-to-person droplet transmission. Please note that a fabric mask is not meant to replace the efficiency of a N95 mask, however, there are some studies that show wearing a homemade mask is better than not wearing one at all. Doctors in Asia have highlighted the fact that universal mask-wearing had helped curtail the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Let’s do our part as a community to stop the spread of germs and #spreadlove instead. With each mask you buy we will donate a fabric mask to our local hospital that is in need of a PPE.  

    *NOTE: fabric color and pattern will vary in prints and colors depending on our availability and we will not be able to take requests. Please see the options below before ordering as this will be randomly determined. 

    SHIPPING : please note due to the high demand, this product will ship in approximately 1-2 weeks. 


      • Outer layer: 100% cotton chambray: we’ve chosen this fabric for its tightly woven nature and durability. 
      • Lining layer: our signature 100% organic cotton double weave muslin: in order for there to be a balance of air-flow and comfort, double weave cotton muslin allows for breathability and absorbs moisture. 
      • Back insert pocket for inserting a filter
      • Sizing: Adult : fits most adult sizes, Child : fits 5-12 y+
    How to Wear:
    • Insert a filter: insert a disposable HEPA filter into the pocket of the mask. You can find them easily accessible at a home-goods store. 
    • Adjust for fit: for a true seal to work, use double sided tape on the edges to ensure that air flows through the mask and not seep through the edges.
    • Clean & sanitize: dispose of the filter after each use and wash your mask in hot water and tumble dry low. Iron and reuse! 

    NOTE: This mask is not FDA approved and is not a direct substitute for N95 masks. This product is non-returnable and discounts do not apply. 

    FAQs: Please refer to this link for more information

See size chart

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  • handcrafted for life

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