Who We Are

SARAH LIN  Chief Blankie Crafter, Co-founder (the right brain)

Sarah delights in all things beautiful and dreams incessantly of a better world. Sarah has worked for over a decade in the graphic design industry in both agency and corporate contexts. For many years she has dreamed of designing a creatively beautiful product that will help empower under-resourced people groups.

Some of her industry experience spans retail branding for Levi’s, financial services for Charles Schwab, technology and solar innovation for Applied Materials, and social responsibility for Safeway. She has also won numerous professional awards for her work in graphic design which include AIGA Design awards, HOW magazine awards, and has been published in various industry magazines and books. Her client list has spanned the Fortune 500, small start-ups, and non-profits.




ELTON LIN  Chief Blankie Officer, Co-founder (the left brain)

Elton is a champion of change for good. He’s an experienced leader in both for-profit and non-profit settings and is passionate about social entrepreneurship and helping others use their abilities for good. In 2008, he began traveling to India with his wife and learning about the plight of Dalit [untouchable caste] people. It was then that he realized the urgent need to forge better solutions to empower the poor.

Elton graduated from University of California at Davis and Trinity International University. He speaks regularly at conferences, seminars and churches and loves reading business books and looking for cool places to eat.