Ellie Fun Day Shin Dig : Part 2 Dry Goods Shoppe

credit: chalk sign hand-drawn by Akiko Ito (our awesome poster and Pinky Promise Badge designer) 

As part of our journey into Ellie Fun Day we are always trying to find ways to fund ourselves to further our purpose. As we travel throughout India we get inspired to bring back good things that we think our friends would love. So as a first time experiment we opened up our very first dry goods shoppe. Everything that was purchased here helps get us back to India to do the work that we need to do.

Wembley bear representing. (I’ve had him since college.)

These handmade wooden combs were sourced through the Kerala State Handicrafts Initiative. They’re beautifully crafted with a smooth matte finish.

Pashmina = ultra luxurious and warm scarves! I fell in love with these once I felt them. On a chilly foggy SF day, they’re so perfect for keeping my neck warm. I think I have a gazillion scarves, but I really NEEDED these.

These Lumberjack and Lumberjill bibs were such a hit! We totally sold out of these. Probably because every hip baby looks too adorable in one of these organic flannel bibs.

India is world reknown for their black teas. This Nilgiri Black tea is from the Nilgiri Mountains that border the state of Kerala. This tea is of the Orange Pekoe species and this batch in particular is of the highest quality due to the unbroken leaf structure. It has a dark and intensely aromatic smell.

I’m so smitten by polka-dots. (Has anyone seen the J.Crew catalog??) These 100% silk scarves are sure to bring your outfits to the next sassy level.

I’m a sucker for Paris…it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. The most magical thing one might see is fireworks over the Eiffel Tower and hence my inspiration for these necklaces! Sparkly pom-poms + tiny bell + silver Eiffel = Fireworks Over Paris. My god-daughters loved them. (note: these were hand-made by me as a “love” project)

My partner in crime, Grace. Again, couldn’t have pulled this off without her! If you are interested in any of these goods, please contact us here and let us know what you want. We’re hoping to get an online shop up soon. go here! Meanwhile check out more pics from our Shindig here.




Ellie Fun Day Pop Up Shop @ Slave Next Door Event

This past Friday we had a chance to set up a pop-up shop at The Slave Next Door event hosted by Project Peace. This event specifically highlighted the issue of modern day slavery  in our own backyard. We were really floored when we heard the story of Minh Danh. She was sold for sex by her own parents right here in San Jose, California. We first heard about Minh’s story on Dateline NBC, but to hear her speak, opened our eyes wider. She was eloquent and dynamic, and spoke not as a victim, but an advocate. The speaker that came up after her, Kevin Bales, of Free the Slaves,  said that it was equivalent to meeting Harriet Tubman or Frederick Douglass, slaves that freed other slaves. It was a historic moment for us all to witness.

One large takeaway from Dr. Bales was that human slavery goes hand-in hand with ecocide. People that exploit people also exploit the land alongside of them. His solution to this massive problem was to stop our need for excessive consumption. He said that if everyone were to consume the way U.S. citizens consume it would take up 5 earths. Seriously eye opening.

The other component of the event was a fair-trade bazaar that featured many different organizations that sourced fair-trade products from around the world. We were happy to be across the way from our friend, Fay Johnson at Slavery Footprint. They have an amazing site that helps you calculate how many slaves work for you according to the items that you own. I soberly calculated 51 with all of my goods. I highly encourage everyone to take this survey as it’s an amazing and beautiful site, but also helps us to personally take action in our corner of the world.