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Mother’s Day is Everyday : Freshly Picked Moccasins & EllieFunDay Baby Blanket Giveaway with NaomiPQ!


We had the honor of meeting amazing mother and Instagramer NaomiPQ  last month through our intern Jenn! She’s a fabulous mother of three charming little boys and has been such an inspiration to so many. We asked her to write a few words about motherhood, balance and life! We are so honored to have her! Please see the giveaway at the end of the post!

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day



EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day

EllieFunDay Organic Baby Blanket Mothers Day


I fumble for my iPhone and check the time. It’s 8:57 am, it’s an hour and a half later than I had planned to wake up. There goes my plan to get up before the kids and make us an elegant breakfast. The baby is stirring, but I might have enough time to check my Instagram. And Facebook. And maybe my Pinterest too while I’m at it. My feet haven’t even touched the floor and I am already head first into social media. I scroll through and find photos of immaculate, clutter free interiors. Already, I am unhappy with the state of my own. Note to self: Purchase that issue of Real Simple I saw at the grocery line, because, gosh darn it, I have to find clever and affordable decluttering solutions if it kills me!

By now, I hear the rumbling of little feet against our creaky wooden floors. I decide I’ll brush my teeth and find proper attire later. I go see what the commotion is all about. My five-year-old is completely naked and has already downloaded a new app on the iPad. I guess finding proper attire wasn’t a priority for him either. My two-year-old, surprisingly fully clothed, looks to have found and consumed half a bag of potato chips. The other half is emptied onto the white couch and adjacent high pile rug. Cross off “clutter-free” from my to do list.

The rest of our day consists of nothing more than laundry and spilled milk. Come to think of it, most days do. I used to take the boys on these spontaneous hikes and felt really good about myself (maybe because being spontaneous and outdoorsy makes me a good mom). That’s what I told myself at least. On one occasion, I even brought an elaborate picnic lunch. It was a picture perfect moment… up until we ditched the picnic and ran back to the car. We heard a wild animal approaching, but it ended up being a warble of harmless geese. I laugh about it now.

Sometimes my expectations of being a good mother can be quite comical, not to mention unrealistic. I begin to realize how accustomed I’ve become to approaching life like a Pinterest board – curating only the lovely, the inspiring, the ideal. Everything else – the mess, the mundane, and the unlovely – therefore became indications of less than adequate parenting, sending me into a downward spiral of frustration and self-doubt.

As I am about to retire for the evening, I hear a faint whimpering coming from the boys’ room. It’s my two-year-old son, Luke, roused by a bad dream. Instinctually, I stroke his warm, rotund cheeks and give them soft kisses. Already his eyebrows begin to unfurl and his disposition softens. I whisper, “It’s okay, baby boy. Mommy’s here”. His fears are quickly abated, and he returns to blissful slumber. I sneak away and close the door to a small victory. In this simple moment, my child felt safe. Not in a high-end toddler bed, but in the crook of my arm.

Maybe one day I’ll have that clutter free home or travel the world and find the cure for an obscure disease. Today? Well, my house is still a mess and nothing particularly captivating is on our agenda. But I get to be a mommy to three of the most amazing little humans. And that’s pretty freakin’ cool.

We are giving away in celebration of Mother’s Day one EllieFunDay Fox & Forest Blanket and One Freshly Picked Moccasins (6 months : Copper Metallic) Freshly Picked moccs are perfect for our little Abel. Since he started learning to walk, it’s been important for him to wear soft, flexible shoes. It doesn’t hurt. too, that they are beautifully made. I seriously want a pair in my size! There is so much to love about our EllieFunDay blanket. I am always on the lookout for well-crafted, design-friendly kid products. I appreciate the attention to detail and the choice of materials. It’s so velvety! No wonder the boys like to cuddle under it naked! Not to mention, the story behind it is what makes it truly special. It’s thrilling to know that the purchase of each blanket gives dignity to the woman that made it.

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Who makes EllieFunDay’s Baby Blankets?

Back posting from India! Monday, Feb 10th

Sitting_0CN_5277 Sitting_0CN_5292 Working_0CN_5535

Today I got to meet the ladies that make our blankets. As we sat around in a circle on mats, they told me how hard it was to start making these baby blankets because this was an entirely new project. At many times they were almost ready to give up on the baby blankets, but they persisted. One lady finally shared with us how working at Flowering Desert has given her dignity in society and that she is proud of the work that she gets to do. My heart swelled and I started to feel my eyes well up with tears. After 6 months of R&D and production; our Stitched Wonder blankets has been worth the stress, the sleepless nights and the emotional roller coaster.

I got to sit with them during tea time and shared some goodies we brought. As I observe the bare bones sewing unit I knew that these blankets that they produced are a miracle in itself. These women are not factory workers that have been trained to produce at a high rate. They sit in clusters on the floor hand-stitching each blanket with care and they mingle amongst each other. One might help another out if there is a problem, another might tease her neighbor if she’s made a mistake. I get such a sense of sisterhood and warmth. This is true empowerment at it’s best. Slow fashion is NOT mass produced, it is made with intention and integrity while preserving the maker. This is what handcrafted for life means.




EllieFunDay Bespoke Custom Quilts

These bespoke quilts have been waiting to be shared but I really didn’t have time till now!  I made a very select few for our Indiegogo funders WAYYYY back. I was commissioned by the grandmother to make a custom quilt for her grand-daughter. She really gave me free reign to design anything that I wanted. The baby comes from a great legacy of strong and vibrant women, so I thought that I would represent the 3 generations of the women through the interlocking circles and the stars. The center circle I filled with hand-painted and embroidered white stars representing baby Katelyn’s new life. The gold circle representing her grandmother and the silver one her mother. (on a crazy side-note her mother gave birth to her accidentally in their NYC apartment. She came so fast, that her momma delivered her all by herself! Hence the hand-embroidered binding detail with her birthday specs.)

I hope you love this quilt as much as I do. As you can see…I’m all about the details…everything is hand-made.

Embroidered Quilt Name Star_detail_IMG_1725  Label_IMG_1737







Top 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts that Give Back

Are you on the hunt for awesome gift ideas for that special dad in your life? You’re in luck, because we have put together a list of our Top 10 Best Fathers Day gift ideas! That’s not all though; these happen to be products with sustainability and social consciousness in mind! Pretty awesome gift, right?!? Buy Dad that awesome gift he’ll enjoy for years to come, and think of the good it brought to someone else every time he uses it.

We’ve got you covered this Fathers Day; from the Hipster Dad to the Tech Savvy Dad;  the Outdoorsy Dad to the Dad Who Has Everything! On a budget, you say? Have no fear, we didn’t forget about you!

In no particular order, may we present to you, Ellie Fun Days Top 10 Best Fathers Days gift ideas!!

1-    Fold and Play portable speakers- $14.99


By OrigAudio

These fun and affordable speakers impact low income and at risk youth by providing education and support through reinvesting profits in The National Music Service and The Network for Teaching Enterpreneurship. OrigAudio provides positive educational experiences for students in low income communities.


2- Maverick Silver Aviator Sunglasses  $95



These fab sunglasses impact individuals around the world in need of eye care by providing eye care for individuals in need of eyeglasses or vision-restoring surgery. TOMS parters with several nonprofit organizations and donates a portion of all profits to the care and treatment of optical issues.


3-The Vineyard Haven Hammock- $178




By Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Every Yellow Leaf Hammock is 100% hand woven by hill-tribe artisans in northern Thailand. This provides them with a good wage and the opportunity to transform their lives by escaping poverty and joining the middle class.


4 – The Slim Oxford Denim Shirt - $45.


by Everlane

Everlane is committed to radical transparency in their supply chain and giving customers a fair price as opposed to the overhead costs from a retailer.


5-The Hudson Bay Axe – $100


by Best Made

The Best Made Company is dedicated to producing long lasting, sustainable products. We just love how their aesthetic just draws you to yearn for the outdoors.


6- Monogrammed Lux Camera Strap- $133



The purchase of this product goes to impact individuals and families who have endured and overcome severe hardships and adversity. By donating 10% of it’s profits to Fotolanthropy,  FOTOSTRAP creates cathartic art to preserve inspirational stories and inspire others to remain strong in the face of adeversity.


7-Leather iPad Sleeve- $158


by Apolis Global

Apolis Global believes their model of “Advocacy Through Industry” is a revolutionary way to harness the power of business to create social change. They believe that people can live better lives when they are given equal access to the global marketplace.


8- Novel Inspired T-Shirt- $20



by Out of Print Clothing

For each product sold, one book is donated to a community in need through their partner, Books For Africa.


9-Pocket Square- $25.


by Tabii Just

For every pocket square purchased, 10% of it’s proceeds go to Kids in Need of Direction for the holistic development of children in need through education, vocational training, medical care, counseling and sports programs in Trinidad and Tobago.


10- Tin Mug, set of 4 - $48


by Canvas

I personally have these and love them! Canvas provides sustainable job opportunities for artisan in the U.S. and abroad through Aid to Artisans. By donating a percentage of their profits to Aid to Artisan programs and working with individual artisans whenever possible, Canvas is dedicated to creating economic opportunity for artisan groups around the world, while incorporating sustainable practices into every part of their business.

So there you have it! Awesome Fathers Day gift ideas for even the pickiest of dads! We can hardly choose our favorite product or cause. What’s your favorite Father’s day gift?