Oh the wonders of vintage candy stores. This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened Miette store on Hayes. Yes, they have a booth at the Ferry Building, but this little trove left me wanting to live here. SkinE had to literally drag me out of there before I suffered a sugar coma. I left with a few goodies of my own.




Peapod Fabrics

So I’ve been aching to go hit up this trés adorable fabric store on 18th and Irving. Peapod Fabrics is run by a cute little Japanese lady that has the oh so desired aesthetics of a quaint shop that I’ve been dying to open up one day.

It’s nothing like a a Joanne’s or a Beverly’s where you’re left to the masses of stockpiled fabric left for you to excavate in a dingy warehouse. It’s a place of community, sharing and craft. That’s what craft has always been. The pleasure of sitting around a warm fire or stove, knitting, sewing and sharing.

I’m just dying to make one of these cute pinafores for one of my god-daughters…or maybe saving it for one of my future girls. Sigh…




Nature Calls

Lately I’ve been inspired by photos that have a nature feel. Something that evokes a bit of nostalgia. Perhaps it the overinundated features of technology driven imagery that I see on a daily basis, or a need to get back to authenticity. People are tired of overly Photoshopped imagery. I’m entranced right now with Anna Kuberberg’s photography. Truly stunning.