Simply Vera

I give great homage to designers that try to make great design affordable to the masses. Ms. Vera Wang herself has decided to open up the troves of her elite closets to the us “normal” people. Simply Vera at Kohl’s just opened this Sunday! I must check it out. I seem to have an affinity to certain colors and gray and purple have lately been my favorites. Why I don’t know, but there is something soothing about gray. In high school, I used to dig out my dad’s old gray cashmere cardigans and wear them over a white button up shirt and “shooze” the sleeves up. How preppy of me. Well guess what guys? Daddy’s cashmere cardigan is hot again…hmm maybe it’s time for me to head into the fam’s closet.





Oh the wonders of vintage candy stores. This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened Miette store on Hayes. Yes, they have a booth at the Ferry Building, but this little trove left me wanting to live here. SkinE had to literally drag me out of there before I suffered a sugar coma. I left with a few goodies of my own.




Peapod Fabrics

So I’ve been aching to go hit up this trés adorable fabric store on 18th and Irving. Peapod Fabrics is run by a cute little Japanese lady that has the oh so desired aesthetics of a quaint shop that I’ve been dying to open up one day.

It’s nothing like a a Joanne’s or a Beverly’s where you’re left to the masses of stockpiled fabric left for you to excavate in a dingy warehouse. It’s a place of community, sharing and craft. That’s what craft has always been. The pleasure of sitting around a warm fire or stove, knitting, sewing and sharing.

I’m just dying to make one of these cute pinafores for one of my god-daughters…or maybe saving it for one of my future girls. Sigh…