Back to India for the Long Haul: The Possibilities are now Beginning

It is with great trepidation, excitement and anticipation that I write this post. I’m dutifully preparing our next stage for Ellie Fun Day. There have been doing many things leading up to this momentus moment. We’ve dialoged, prayed, and researched countless hours to get us to this point in time…and it feels like this is just the beginning.

2012 was a year full of connections and excellent building of our skills as social entrepreneurs. 2013 will be the  year of growth for Ellie Fun Day as we will be hitting the ground running to start training our women in India. This year will determine if all of our hypotheses will work! You my friends have a been a large part in our growing success and now we are asking you to SHARE about our journey. The more people that know about what we do, the more women’s lives will be changed!

This Saturday I will journey with my dear friends Calvina and my husband back to Kolkata for one week to shadow under our friends at Freeset. They’ve been an amazing support to us ( they make our EFD bags!) We are excited to hear new stories of Freedom. Amazing people like Kerry and Annie Hilton have uprooted their lives to make a difference in their corner of their world and they have been an inspiration to us. Then we are off to Kerala where our women are to begin training. I will be living in India for a whole 5 weeks to get this kicked-off and started.

In preparation for our time back in India, Elton and I watched an academy award winning documentary “Born into Brothels”. It’s a courageous story of hope in the middle of the red-light district in Kolkata. Zana Brisk, photographer decided to live amongst the people there and teach the children how to use photography as a way to express their emotions and what they see. She faces many challenges due to their economic and social situation. From getting a passport to convincing one of the children to travel to the Netherlands for a photography exhibition. She’s reminded me that the difficulty of what she had to endure was worth it. A true testament to her work is through the story of one of the children, Avijit, who has now become a film student at NYU. He’s even launched a kickstarter to help fund a film of his.

Just through simple decisions of choosing to make a difference, she’s been able to empower a generation that never possibly had the opportunity to. That’s my calling in life is to use my gifts and talents to be given away in a way that matters. That is how I will determine the success of Ellie Fun Day. I can’t wait to see what this year brings! Continue to follow and share about our journey here!





Ellie Fun Day Visits Full Circle Organic Farm

Over a high-brow NYC lunch, my past client William and I were mulling over some life prodding questions. I posed this question to him “What do you want to do with your life? What sort of legacy do you want to leave?” Apparently that got him thinking. Somehow organic farming was brewing in the back of his mind. This was of special interest to me as we continue our journey of sourcing responsibly and looking for organic goods. I’m not sure if I shared about my own dream about designing organic baby blankets, but somehow our synergies connected.

He got wind that the Santa Clara Unified School District was thinking of leasing part of it’s land. In a vote 5-1 the school board voted to allow an educational organic farm to use the land.

William began volunteering at ground level, clearing the land, digging up old concrete footings. His hope was that this would be a great opportunity for he and his daughter to bond over a meaningful cause and that they did. He is now active on the board of Full Circle Farm, heading up their sales and marketing efforts. The nonprofit is dedicated to the renewal of local, and sustainable food systems for everyone. What inspires me the most about William’s story is that he saw an opportunity and took a risk to invest. He himself was a graphic art director and was laid off during the downturn, but he saw it as an opportunity, a bit of re-birth and renewal for his own life. More recently, they’ve been inspired to work with lower-economic families and help them gain access to healthy fresh grown food through an up and coming program.

I can see how this has become a large part of who he is and how it’s inspired him to continue the full circle of how we grow, get and eat our food.

I’m always amazed to see my food in it’s natural element, unpackaged and coming from the ground. Who knew that kale looks like a mini-palm tree and that ocra had the most gorgeous pale yellow and purple flowers?


Farm Stand Hours
Wed & Fri: 1:30-7 and Sun: 11-3

Volunteer Hours
Weds & Sat 10am-dark
All ages in Education Garden
Enter at WEST farm gate

Sundays for 16 years+
on the Production Farm from 9-2

Open for Visitors
Monday- Friday 9-5
Saturday 10-dusk WEST GATE ONLY
Sunday 9-3