My Beloved

My dear friend Calvina, whom I’ve known since college wanted to shoot my husband and I for her beloved project. I’ve seen her grow in her many talents as a graphic designer, and now a stunning photographer. I remember being jealous of her days spent in the studio making art while I was trying to learn about stupid valence electrons. (I still question till this day how I stayed in BioChem for so long!) But thanks to her and some gentle prodding, I am now a full-fledged designer.

We’ve both come long ways in finding our “sweet-spots” in life…but it means a lot to me that she’s decided to help commemorate our 10 year anniversary this way. She was there for me that night I had my first breakup, just letting me cry it out…and now she’s able to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. That’s just the best gift any friend could give! Thanks Cal!