Letter to my 16 year old self

I was inspired by this post and here to write a letter to my 16 year old self. I encourage you all to do the same! Link us back in our comments! 

Hey you,

Yes, it’s me your older self, 20 years down the road. I saw that you just had your Sweet 16th birthday party. I loved that you designed your own birthday invite by hand out of calligraphy. You know, that’s just a glimpse into what you’ll be doing down the road. You might dabble in the sciences for a little while but remember to keep up the dream of being a designer because one day you’ll come back to it and fall in love.

Your high school mural painting of Van Gogh's Studio


t looks like it’s been a difficult year of transition for you. Moving schools when you just made the Lettergirls team and scoring your first straight A’s, I’d be pissed too. I know that sitting with your brother at the lunch table really feels like the end of the world, but don’t worry, soon enough you will find the right group of friends that will love you just as you are. Some of these friends will be there to champion you in many ways and be friends for life. One of them will also be your bridesmaid.

Your high school best friend Corrine. Now her daughters are EFD models!


On the topic of boys. Yes, I know that you also feel like you’re the ugly duckling and that all of your guy friends end up liking your best friend, but trust me, there is one in store for you. One that will blow all of these guys out of the water. He will be the exact type of person that you need and he will not just be the love of your life, but he will be everything you’ve dreamed of but better. He will be your champion, your best friend and your soul-mate. I know that you yearn to be loved and adored like all the “popular girls” at school but you are built for a very special purpose. That special purpose will be revealed slowly in time.

Oh and that prom thing, don’t sweat it, Sr. Prom is overrated even if your date stood you up. Go have a blast with your other friends and spend it on something for yourself. You won’t regret it…oh and that dress you didn’t get to wear? I remade it into something I wear today, and it rocks.

But meanwhile, enjoy being a young person. I know you hate your braces and honking big glasses (trust me, those will be back in.) The eczema will go away and you will look beautiful. Enjoy discovering new things and develop your skills and the things that you truly make you happy. Paint more and revel in the beauty around you.

You ARE beautiful, you ARE loved, you ARE worthy and there is an amazing journey and plan for your life. Just wait and enjoy the ride because you will be doing things and meeting people far beyond your wildest dreams. You DO matter and the experiences that you go through now will make you into a more sensitive and caring person for a greater purpose.

On the subject of popularity. I know that you yearn to be with “those” girls. But the pretty and popular girls may not know what it feels like to be an outcast, but you do and that is what is going to break your heart for a group of people that you will help. That is where you will become a game-changer. All of these gifts and talents in you will be used for that very purpose. Hang on, because the ride is crazy and tough, but know that it will all be for a greater purpose and it will make sense. Trust me, I’m just beginning to see it happen now and it’s exhilarating to know that all of the experiences that you’re going through, now helps me in what I’m doing now.

Yours Truly,

Sarah – 36 years and counting





Sneak Peek baby blankets!

So we’re working furiously on several new things to come (new website..holding breath) We know that you’ve all been waiting to get a sneak peak of what these new blankies look like. I’ve had the privilege of working with Calvina Photography on these beautiful shots.

So many of you have asked,”So when can I purchase a blanket?” (Thank you for your awesome interest!) The answer will be coming soon! We are in the midst of launching a platform for you to be one of our early partners. If you decide to partner with us, there will be many awesome gifts in return. (including blankies!) So stay tuned!

Now enough babbling because I know you just want to get a sneak peak of these adorable faces. Thank you Dugans and Brizuelas for lending us your babies…they both have a future in modelling.

This new blanket collection is called the “Peek-a-boo” series adorned with kids favorite animals. At this time we will be offering two of them for our pre-launch through our fundraising platform. Ellie and Sharkie (HELLO SJ Sharks Fans!!) are happy to make their debut soon! Which one is your favorite?




Why Organic?

Before I started this business I thought that buying organic was just for luxury, but the more I delve into the textiles and clothing industries I am beginning to understand the benefits of it.

1.) Benefits Us: no pesticides used = no pesticides in our water, air, land system, less cancer, less birth defects, asthma etc

2.) Benefits Others: did you know that cotton uses 16% of the world’s pesticides and it only covers 2% of our land? Farmers that grow cotton are often in rural and undereducated areas and don’t have the proper equipment to protect themselves during the dispersal of pesticides. 1 out of 10 pesticide applications in India result in some type of health related symptoms to the chemicals.

3.) Benefits our Earth: because of the chemicals that are used for non-organics, the wastewater runs into our oceans which depletes the water of oxygen, therefore killing our lovely fishes, sea turtles and dolphins, therefore disrupting our whole ecosystem.

So in light of going organic, I thought that I’d share with you my favorite products:

1.) Deep Steep Honey Lavendar Bubble Bath: I have the most sensitive and dry skin on earth! But I love my bubble baths after a long hard day. It was hard for me to find something that wouldn’t strip away my own natural oils and I found this at Whole Foods. First ingredient : Aloe. So essentially you’re soaking your poor parched body in a vat of moisturizing heaven.

2.) Coyuchi Bedding: I actually found their jersey sheets at their Point Reyes Outlet! We sleep in them every night and they’ve been washed a gazillion times and have still retained it’s softness. What’s great about Coyuchi is that they’re part of the Chetna Project which helps empower organic farmers to become sustainable.

3.) REN Global Protection Day Cream: again my Sahara dry skin has tried everything under the sun and I’ve found this awesome line. The story is, the founder’s wife was suffering from extremely sensitive skin, so they went on the hunt to make a line of synthetic, BPA, fragrance, petrol free “holy grail” of skin care. My skin glows when I use this stuff.

4.) Chinti and Parker: organic fashion is really picking up and I really love this line from the UK. I have yet to purchase something but this dress would be it! I love their philosophy: they’re against Fast Fashion” (aka Forever 21, H&M, etc.). They believe that garments are meant to bolster your existing warddrobe and stand the test of time. I’ve recently joined this camp. Sad, yes, but the sacrifice is worth it to me.

5.) Rudi’s Gluten-free Organic Bread: I’ve tried all the GF breads out there and this one is the closest to the real deal. It’s fluffy and airy and doesn’t weigh like a ton of bricks! Now I’m gonna go make me a sandwich…

So what are your favorite organic products?