Ellie Fun Day Summer Shindig Recap : Part 1

Everyone was greeted at basecamp with a slideshow of our India trips. 

Friends had an opportunity to send free mail on us at our EFD Post Office. 

Make your own japadogs!

Do S’more so graciously treated us to their goodies!

Everyone had a chance to vote for their favorite upcoming Ellie Fun Day blankie.

The minis had a chance to make some watercolor bubble art.


Big and little kids had the chance to take photos in our teepee. Check out more photos here! 

RECAP {Through the eyes of our intern Karissa, aka Special K}

Everything was set, pristine, and calm as the teepee sat quietly in the courtyard as we awaited to welcome the guests to celebrate Ellie Fun Day’s journey and future endeavors at our Summer Shindig.

And then the children came. It felt as if they all got the batman signal to begin and had run over all at once. Soon there were children with feathers on their heads, aviators on, and bubbles flying all over the place. But no one could deny the japadogs. A sign illustrated how to turn an all american classic into a ‘japadog’ by decorating it with wasabi or sriracha mayonaise, bonito, kimchi and seaweed.

Pure craziness. But underneath the contradicting hotdogs and yummy s’mores was the underlying fact that this was basecamp. Just as the ghost busters got together before attacking the marshmallow man, and the power rangers gathered with that face thing, we rallied our friends in celebration before our next grand venture. The shindig signified a moment in time to recognize our most faithful supporters as friends and co-conspirators. It allowed us to pause and prepare ourselves before we moved out to make a difference.

As I looked around the room I realized, “This is our support system. These are the people that have made this dream a reality.” I was honored to be a part of this dream – to have impact on the world, even if that meant just voting for my favorite blankie, or sending an “I <3 my blankie,” postcard to a friend. The beauty of this shindig was that it recognized the current support system while welcoming new supporters and feedback from others. We invited the shindig go-ers to take the pinky promise, to leave the shindig ready to blanket their world with love.

Will you take the PINKY PROMISE with us? If so, let us know and we will send you a special badge to be part of this movement! 

***** Stay tuned for PART 2 : Ellie Fun Day Dry Goods Shoppe *****




Ellie Fun Day’s website launch : baby blankets to come!

So it’s been a long time coming friends! Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and cheers! I’m here in NYC this week doing some mad research and development. Meeting with boutiques, and scoping out the whole kids clothing scene. Let me just say, it’s a competitive market out there! There are sooo many adorable kids clothing and accessories that I’m really tempted to open up my OWN store. But I truly believe that we’ve got something special here.

So many of you have been so interested and asked, “So where can I purchase your baby blankets?” The answer will be found via our fundraising platform (launching soon!).

We are still in our early stage of development. Which means we need seed money to get this project underway. No money = no baby blankets = no help for women in need. So we would LOVE all of you to help us out by spreading the word (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, your bumper sticker, your grannie’s front porch, whatever means you can find!).

We will be featuring many awesome goods in exchange for your support at different giving levels. Here are a few examples:

• An exclusive Ellie Fun Day Poster designed by Akiko Ito Design (it’s adorable!)

• Ellie Fun Day tote bag

• Ellie Fun Day blankets (options for customization, and a custom design from your’s truly!)

• Calvina Photography photo sessions

• even…perhaps, a trip to India to see and meet the women that make your blanket!

This first run of baby blankets will be made in the USA. This is our way of giving you a head start on getting an Ellie Fun Day blanket. It’s also our hope to raise enough capital to begin developing our production in India and working to empower marginalized women.

So look out for our online fundraising project launching soon and thanks for partnering with us to save the world one blankie at a time!

xoxo for freedom,