Ellie Fun Day’s Second Annual “Blanket the World Day with Love

Remember the movie “Crash?” A small or big action snowballed into something better or worse. I remember one time I woke up on the right side of the bed and everyone that crossed my path that day saw the better side of me. I laughed, smiled, and even made a new friend. Another time, I woke up on the wrong side and I rolled my eyes at people and argued with my husband about who knows what. That led to many people having a horrible day probably (oops, sorry!).

The smallest acts can pay it forward (or backward, but hopefully not) in a HUGE way. You never know! Whatever it may be, a simple act of love and kindness can go a long way!

Join us in this day to show a little lovin’! Tag your pictures and share your story to enter into a LOVEly giveaway by using the hashtags:


#blankettheworldwithlove____(Put your city)

#whereintheworld (Did you take a creative and funny picture with your Ellie Fun Day blanket?)

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Here are some ideas for what you can do with a family, friend, coworker, or even stranger!

1) L-ips (physical and words)


*give someone a little smooch or peck, who doesn’t love that? (preferably to someone you know)
*say something you appreciate about them that you haven’t said in a while
*give a HUG (studies say it prolongs your life)
*vow to say thank you or hello to everyone that comes your day today

2) O-ffering (gifts)


*buy someone a lunch
*pay for someone’s toll behind you
*buy someone coffee

3) V-isit (quality time and acts)


*spend some time with someone you haven’t sat down with for a long time
*bring a friend or family member out on a date

4) E-ncouragement (words)

stars to me

*print out our free printables here, something short and sweet can make someone smile
*tell someone they are doing a great job
*call someone and really ask how they are doing

We should be blanketing our world with love everyday. But we’re planning ONE day where we’ll all do it together! Mark your calendars – JANUARY 18th! What will you be doing for “Blanket the World with Love” Day?




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