The Day

The Day
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I wished I could remember this day as vividly as it happened. But to recount the details would be almost meaningless because it was the scene in front of me that left the indelible memory.

Monday morning I woke up excited yet somewhat fearful of driving 4.5 hours alone up to Tahoe. But it was good for me. I needed some time alone to gather my thoughts. I made it up in good time. I met up with Tyler and Bryon around 3:00 to tech scout the location at Sand Harbor and Hidden Beach. The general consensus was definitely Sand Harbor. The sky at dusk reflected so many monocromatic blues that I wondered if it was truly real or just a picture. I took a deep breath, it was real.

Tuesday morning the cast and crew took their time since the sun didn’t break the mountains until truly 10am. When we got to our location, the lake was like glass and there was absolutely no wind. I was prepared to freeze and packed a full down jacket. God knew what he was doing.

I’ve been to Tahoe so many times, but this time felt different, if not surreal. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was working but felt almost spoiled because I was having the best day of my life. To sit on a boulder and to soak in the sky and lake’s changing color on an hourly basis was like watching Planet Earth on full HD 360 surround sound.

I often meet many photographers. But working with Tyler and Bryon was truly a joy. In the presence of rockstars, I was starstruck. Some people you just click with and it all just seemed to click. My producer Elizabeth couldn’t have been better. She entertained us with her countless stories of celeb shoots, job snaffus and general wacky knowledge. Henry the other assistant was such a jack of all trades, chef, outdoorsman, photographer, quite the impressive array of experiences for a man of his age. It’s such a breeze when the whole crew seems to be all in sync with each other.

This day was truly God’s little way of saying “Well done, here’s a little something for your faithfulness and love for me.” I will look back at this day and remember why I do what I do.