EllieFunDay Baby Blanket Giveaway Coming Soon!


In anticipation of our new line of STITCHED WONDER organic baby blankets we’ve partnered with 8 amazing companies that believe in the value of good design brings empowerment. For eight straight weeks starting on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11th, we will be giving away one of our baby blankets in partnership with another company’s goods. We’re entirely excited for this giveaway! So mark your calendars, SHARE, TWEET, PIN, & BLOG!

Here’s a list of our upcoming partners!

Freshly PickedHoney&Bloom  | 45Wall Design | GuavaKids

Haptic Lab | Chewbeads | Dozi | Kira

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Everyone is so patiently waiting for our next line of new organic baby blankets to be launched. We appreciate your patience. Starting also next MONDAY, November 11, we will be launching our new site with the ability to pre-buy a baby blanket. As always supplies are limited, so ordering ensures a baby blanket for you and your loved one. Stock up as well! We are doing our best to get these to you by Christmas, but no promises yet. Early January 2014 is our estimate ship date. If you would like a nice certificate to gift for Christmas meanwhile, we can send one over to you!




Sneak Peek baby blankets!

So we’re working furiously on several new things to come (new website..holding breath) We know that you’ve all been waiting to get a sneak peak of what these new blankies look like. I’ve had the privilege of working with Calvina Photography on these beautiful shots.

So many of you have asked,”So when can I purchase a blanket?” (Thank you for your awesome interest!) The answer will be coming soon! We are in the midst of launching a platform for you to be one of our early partners. If you decide to partner with us, there will be many awesome gifts in return. (including blankies!) So stay tuned!

Now enough babbling because I know you just want to get a sneak peak of these adorable faces. Thank you Dugans and Brizuelas for lending us your babies…they both have a future in modelling.

This new blanket collection is called the “Peek-a-boo” series adorned with kids favorite animals. At this time we will be offering two of them for our pre-launch through our fundraising platform. Ellie and Sharkie (HELLO SJ Sharks Fans!!) are happy to make their debut soon! Which one is your favorite?