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Back posting from India! Monday, Feb 10th

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Today I got to meet the ladies that make our blankets. As we sat around in a circle on mats, they told me how hard it was to start making these baby blankets because this was an entirely new project. At many times they were almost ready to give up on the baby blankets, but they persisted. One lady finally shared with us how working at Flowering Desert has given her dignity in society and that she is proud of the work that she gets to do. My heart swelled and I started to feel my eyes well up with tears. After 6 months of R&D and production; our Stitched Wonder blankets has been worth the stress, the sleepless nights and the emotional roller coaster.

I got to sit with them during tea time and shared some goodies we brought. As I observe the bare bones sewing unit I knew that these blankets that they produced are a miracle in itself. These women are not factory workers that have been trained to produce at a high rate. They sit in clusters on the floor hand-stitching each blanket with care and they mingle amongst each other. One might help another out if there is a problem, another might tease her neighbor if she’s made a mistake. I get such a sense of sisterhood and warmth. This is true empowerment at it’s best. Slow fashion is NOT mass produced, it is made with intention and integrity while preserving the maker. This is what handcrafted for life means.




And the Winner of our Silly Rabbit Blanket is…


Congrats Tanya J.! Your littles will love these prizes. Please respond to us within 24 hours to claim your prize. Stay tuned folks for more fun giveaways coming this year!

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Giveaway EllieFunDay Silly Rabbit Blanket, Zen Swaddle and Kira Kids Tee!

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Silly_Rabbit_Baby_BlanketRabbit_tee  ZenSwaddle

The Silly Rabbit blanket was the very first prototype that I made of our Stitched Wonder series. I somehow fell in love with the whimsical nature of a field of bunny rabbits all vying for the one carrot.

For this final giveaway, we’ve got 2 amazing partners! Kira Kids and Nested Bean are both great friends and mentors of mine. Kira Kids have the most adorable printed tees for kids, especially the Baby Local Love ones. Nested Bean so graciously allowed me to work at their tradeshow booth at ABC Kids. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Their Zen Swaddle is the only swaddle on the market that mimics the mother’s touch. It’s pretty amazing since mom’s have reported babies sleep 2 hours longer in it!



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