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How did Christmas sneak up on us so fast?? I’m looking forward to some R&R soon! We thought we’d save this giveaway for Christmas week since it’s our favorite. When I was a little girl, I remember my dad drove us out to see Haley’s comet. He told me that it only comes around once every 80 years and that I’m lucky enough to see it twice in my lifetime. I love the stories that stars tell, the legends, the pictures that they paint in the sky. This was my inspiration. What do we dream of? What do we aspire to be? The stars are a keen reminder of the hope that we wish to achieve.

We’ve partnered with HapticLab for this awesome giveaway. I’ve oogled over Emily’s map quilts for a long time and when I came across her insanely well-funded Kickstarter, I was sold. My hubbie surprised me with a constellation quilt for my birthday. She’s so generously partnered with us to give away this beautiful letter pressed constellation poster. We are both kindred spirits as makers of blankets that tell stories.



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Giveaway ends on FRIDAY, December 27th, at 8pm, PST

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