Blanket the World with Love

EllieFunDay’s 1st Annual “Blanket the World with Love”

A friend of ours put $20 in our hand. “You and Elton need to go on a date! Have a good time!” We didn’t have much money, we were saving up for the wedding. And we were so busy, we had hardly any time to see each other. It was a really simple gesture and yet it meant so much. We’ll never forget it.

We’re starting 2013 off by “Blanketing” the World with Love! We know that our world can be a cold, hard place. And yet the simplest gestures done with love and generosity can be life and world changing! Let’s start the new year as agents of change! So many of you have already taken our “Pinky Promise” to be ambassador’s and to “Blanket the World with Love.”

We’d like to ask all of our friends out in the inter web  to join us in “Blanketing the World with Love”. Here are 3 easy ways to do it (and a few suggestions for you)!

“Blanket with a Gift” 

  • donate a blanket to Project Linus
  • pay for someone’s latte behind you
  • gift someone in need a bag of groceries
  • buy a dozen balloons and hand them out to kids in the park

“Blanket with Words”

  • compliment a stranger sincerely
  • write a letter of appreciation to someone that had a meaningful impact in your life
  • send an encouraging email to someone you haven’t talked to in a year
  • tell someone at work/school something they do well
  • write words of encouragement with chalk on your neighbors’ driveways/sidewalk

“Blanket with Fun”

  • invite a friend to have an indoor picnic
  • take a hike, even a short-walk at lunch with a friend
  • Go to a matinee with a friend

We look forward to your stories and pictures so please share them on our Facebook page

We should be blanketing our world with love everyday. But we’re planning ONE day where we’ll all do it together! Mark your calendars – JANUARY 18th! What will you be doing for “Blanket the World with Love” Day? 


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