How to be an Entrepreneur with Multiple Personalities

I write often about the challenges of being an entrepreneur. What I don’t talk much about is all the different things that I do on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I think that I have multiple personalities due to all the different things that I have to do.

CLOWN : yes, I often times make a fool out of myself just learning new things. I’m learning from making lots of mistakes, but recovering quickly. Most recently on our first run of blankies there was a slight mistake in one of our patterns which in turn meant that we needed to recut them. Good thing we had extra fabric! I know I won’t be making that mistake again.

GENIUS : not!…but I’d like to tap into other’s that have blazed that path before me to learn from their smarts. I’ve realized that it’s not the smarts that will get us to where we want, but it’s perseverance and patience. Knowing when to push and when to wait has been some of the hardest learning experiences for us.

NETWORKER : genuine networking comes from genuine friendships. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve met people that I can tell are just talking to me just for their own purposes. On the other hand, everyone that is helping us are really dear friends of ours that believe in what we do. I  have been more than happy to return the favor on many accounts.

SUPPLY CHAIN SPECIALIST / PRODUCTION GRITTINESS : Global sourcing has been an adventure in itself. Finding organic cotton is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. Again, networks help in this instance and so does just good ole hard research. I’ve found that just looking for experts in the field have lead to many other resources. I remember actually speaking to a man that was the head of the organic farming institute in America. It was such a joy to just hear his own story and passion behind what he’s doing and he was more than happy to send me along to the right people.

PR / MARKETING / PUBLIC SPEAKER / INSPIRER : I don’t think that we set-out to intentionally be all “PR-like” in our communications. I just want to be honest in our vision and also inspire others to do something that matters. What I hope and aspire to tell is that ordinary people CAN do GREAT things, it’s all about just trying.

DREAMER/CREATIVE: as much as I am a creative, I honestly get to “design” about 10% of the time. Running a business does require a different type of creativity that I’m learning. For example, how do I use just the resources that I have to achieve the results needed. When resources are limited, that’s when people start getting creative. Dreaming helps me keep my passion alive. There are days where I have to remember what the dream is or else I start to lose myself in the details.

How have you survived in your business? What are some of your different personalities that you’ve had to take on?





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