Ellie Fun Day Packing Day!

This was another monumental stepping stone for us! We finally packed and shipped all of our blankets, totes and posters off to their new owners. Having a large community of friends and family come and help us was a huge help indeed. We packed and shipped out over 150 packages!

 Our hangtags were letterpressed by our friends over at Wonderflower Press. We hope to have a mini-short of the process of that soon! Thanks Matt and Alison!

Hand-stamped “special delivery” on each box!

The hang-tags were all hand-punched by two of our burly guy friends, Sergio and Leo…we broke two of these punches in the process!

I owe alot to this babe, Grace of Red Jasmine Weddings, and mama of my two cutie pie god-daughters. I’ve known this girl since college…(she got me through genetics!) and she’s the left brain to my right. At 3 am the night before we were duking it out as to how to print postage…she was striving for functionality, I was striving for aesthetics. Guess who won? She managed to pull off our shipping and merge our crazy Excel docs into something automated. It’s a masterpiece in itself.

I am greatly indebted and honored to all of our friends that made it out to help us on this big day! Thank you Ellie Fun Day packing team!

photos courtesy of Sergio Brizuela


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