POSSIBILITIES PROJECT // DAY 9 // Ayurvedic Organic Cotton

One of our core values at Ellie Fun Day is RESPECT for both people and the planet. So we started to do some research and  came upon a really interesting company that hand looms organic cotton and dyes it in Ayurvedic medicinal solutions. Ayurveda has a 5000 year history of treatment of medicinal plants for various ailments. All very similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We traveled by car to the back country of Trivandrum winding through red dirt paths and zipping by goats grazing on the side. As we arrived into the farm, the owner of the operations walked us through their garden of medicinal plants indicating which plant helped which ailment. He grabbed a handful of purplish green leaves and proceeded to rub it onto Elton’s mosquito bites and told us that this was an Iodine plant. We smelled turmeric roots, garlic leaves, wild basil, bark and many other types of plants that had healing qualities for eczema, hypertension, diabetes and the like.
He also shared with us about how the climate change is really affecting the whole ecosystem around us. As India is developing more and building more, the heavy chemicals and lead are now seeping into the ground and water ways and making it even harder for organic farmers to sustain a good crop. Even within the past years, our Indian friends have said that they’ve seen less rain and have sensed a change in their seasons. This goes all more to show how much we must truly respect our planet by being conscious of the things we buy, consume and dispose of.
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