How to define your brand…your style…your oeuvre.

Yes, that’s something that we’ve been thinking of late. What does it means to define ourselves. I’ve gone through the whole gamut of what I want Ellie Fun Day to be. I’ve thought about our mission, I’ve thought about our look and feel and what I want everyone to understand what we’re about.

It’s really a serious and delicate balance. I’ve looked at TOMS shoes and Krochet Kids, and they both do a really awesome job of sharing their message and story of what they do. Then there is Apolis Global and our friends over at 3sixteen where their messages are much more subtle in their approach and their concentration is mainly on making a stellar product that sells itself. They have decided to say we will be in the mainstream and not just settle for sympathy or charity buying.

Hmm some food for thought…what do you guys think? When you make a purchase, do you want to know about the mission behind it? Do you want to know how and who’s made it? Does that compell you to invest in that piece? Would love your thoughts!

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